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Too Hot? Garden Indoors for a Change
Hooray for Houseplants

Just restocked assortments in 3” & 4” pots!
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Transitional Time in the Garden



Even though you are still wondering what to do with all of your zucchini, there is no time to dawdle. The next season in the vegetable garden has begun. It’s time to start the seeds!


And don’t forget, Espoma Organic Seed Starting Potting Mix for all seedlings & cuttings. Enhanced with Myco-tone to promote root growth.



Fall Vegetable Plants avaiable in 4 plant packs for $3.29 – and 6 plant packs for $4.29

Arugula – Broccoli – Carrots – Cabbage
Cauliflower – Collards – K ale – Lettuce
Pak Choi – Swiss Chard



Over 70 styles available! Woodstock Chimes was developed by musician and instrument designer, Garry Kvistad, with a single great idea – to make the world’s best sounding, musically-tuned windchime.

Since then he has been the driving force behind the design, development and tuning of all Woodstock Chimes.

Featured This Week at Behnkes

– Hardy Hibiscus

Hardy hibiscus provide amazing summer color. Just give them a nice sunny location with moist, well-drained soil and room to grow. Each year you will notice more stalks and in turn more and more large blooms 6” to 9” in diameter depending on the variety you choose. We carry dwarf varieties that reach about 3 feet tall and other varieties that top out around 5 feet. Some varieties even have bronzy foliage for added color. reg. priced $14.99 and up. NOW 25% off

– Crapemyrtles

Terrific Selection! This is one of the best selections we’ve seen in a long time! Don’t miss out! With clusters of dainty flowers in white and shades of pink, purple and red that resemble crepe paper, crapemyrtles create quite a show in the middle of the summer. Choose from trees that grow 10 to 25 ft. tall, shrubs that grow 6 to 10 ft. tall, and some dwarf varieties that grow less than 6 ft. tall. Just provide a good sunny location and these plants are sure to please. On a side note, many have fabulous fall foliage color and exfoliating bark, too. (reg. priced $37.99 and up). NOW 50% off

Garden Club Special


Decorative Plastic Pots and Planters
SALE 20% off

Behnke Garden Club Members

Plant a few more “summer loving annuals,” up-size a few houseplants, or just stock up for a rainy day. These planters are sure to sell out soon since thrifty gardeners are always looking for a good deal so they can save their money for more plants.


All Bird Houses & Bird Feeders
SALE 25% off

Behnke Garden Club Members

Sitting back in your own yard and watching all the different birds that visit our area is both relaxing and fun. To keep your visitors coming back for more consider adding a “Birdy Bed & Breakfast.”

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