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This Weeks Green Garden at Behnkes


Sale 20% off

Fig preserves, roasted figs with honey, baked figs stuffed with cheese, fig tart…..fresh figs are a real summer treat and easy to grow. In addition to fruit, the tree also sports big, bold palmate foliage. Make sure you give your fig tree plenty of room to grow (there are dwarf varieties for smaller spaces), and, plant in a sunny, sheltered location with humus rich soil that drains well. There are several varieties available and all are self pollinating.

Fruit/nut trees NOT on sale but still available include
apple – apricot – cherry – chestnut – jujube – nectarine – paw paw – peach – pear – persimmon – plum

Fig trees start at $54.99 each


Sale 20% off

Fill your gardens and planters! These little gems will just thrive on our warm days and cool nights. Should we encounter a cold night with frost, don’t worry. These plants are hardy. Protect open flowers from frost by covering them overnight. Should they get nipped, a new set of buds will soon take their place and spring anew.

4½ inch pots, reg. $2.49 each
6 plant packs, reg. $4.29 each
larger bowls/containers reg. $21.99 & up


Sale 20% off

What a bright sight in the early spring garden as bouquets of hellebore blossoms burst forth from the garden floor! They can’t help but give you a warm, sunny feeling about the upcoming year in the garden. Look for these flowers in white and shades of purple red, pink and even green. These hardy perennials prefer an area with filtered light (such as under deciduous trees) and humus rich, well-drained soil. The umbrella-like evergreen foliage makes a nice backdrop in the garden during the rest of the year.


DAHLIAS (packaged)
Sale 20% off

  • New Varieties
  • New Colors
  • New Blends

Choose from over 80 popular varieties selected for their outstanding performance in the garden. Make a statement with our “Dinner Plate Dahlias” with blooms up to 10” wide.



They Have Arrived! Now available – Arugula – beets – broccoli – Brussels sprouts red & green cabbage – cauliflower – collards kale – 5 kinds of lettuce – mustard – pak choi – spinach – Swiss chard (Bright Lights)

6 plant packs, priced $4.29



A Larger Selection – Our herb stock has been replenished for a larger selection. Stop in and pick out a few pots for your windowsill. Enjoy the flavor of fresh now and in May you can plant them outside to increase your bounty!

2½ inch pots, priced $3.29

Give A Blooming Gift

regal geraniums


Just Arrived – This beautiful geranium with extra large ruffled flowers is slightly different than our garden variety annuals that bloom all summer. It blooms seasonally, for about a month, so we usually enjoy them as houseplants and give them as gift plants. They prefer bright light and warm temperatures, 65°-75°F. Water when the soil is dry to the touch.

6½ inch pots, priced $12.99

cineraria pericallis

CINERARIA (Pericallis)

Cineraria are lovely plants with daisy-like flowers in shades of red, pink and purple and sometimes with a white ring around the center “eye.” The flowers will last longest if they are kept in cool temperatures, 55°-65°F, and receive bright indirect light (north or east facing window is best). Though they like a moist soil, the top couple inches should be allowed to dry before rewatering.

6½ inch pots, priced $9.99

fairy primrose


Among our classic, brightly colored Primrose is a dainty standout – the Fairy Primrose (Primula malacoides). It is taller than our other primroses with clusters of smaller flowers perched on stems and growing above the foliage. In white and shades of lavender and pink, the flowers will last longest if you keep the plant in a cool room with good light.

4½ inch pots, priced $5.49

A Berry-licious Garden

grape vine

Berry Bushes & Grape Vines

NOW AVAILABLE: blueberry – blackberry – raspberry – grape – huckleberry – elderberry – gooseberry – boysenberry

Delicious and nutritious, home-grown berries and grapes are an excellent addition to your landscape. Many can be tucked into sunny ornamental gardens and some can be grown in containers.


Strawberry Plants

Bare-root strawberry plants are now available! Look for June-bearing varieties, ever-bearing varieties and day-neutral varieties.

25 bare-root plants priced $16.99

Perennials – Why Wait?


For perennial lovers, waiting for the mid-April, all-clear-to-plant date is just not an option. What to do? We suggest buying a few of your favorite perennials and potting them up in one of our fabulous, new decorative containers. Keep your newly planted container on your stoop or next to the house where it will get added warmth. That way, on days where the temperatures may drop below freezing, your new plants won’t feel the chill as harshly as they would if they were way out in the garden somewhere without a jacket. It’s a great option for those of us that just can’t (and why should we?) wait.

We have some gorgeous, blooming perennials that will simply make your day….

  • Over a dozen dianthus varieties all in bud and some blooming
  • Creeping phlox in blue, white, pink and purple
  • Hardy primroses loaded with flowers
  • Some of bleeding hearts, native columbines, Virginia bluebells, trout lilies, and foam flowers
  • Lots of blooming Hellebores ‘Blushing Bridesmaid’ – ‘Brandywine Hybrids’ – ‘Cinnamon Snow’ – ‘Confetti Cake’ – ‘Cotton Candy’ – ‘Harlequin Gem’ – ‘Jacob’ – ‘Josef Lemper’ – ‘Red Lady’ – ‘Yellow Lady’ – ‘Molly’s White’ – ‘Penny’s Pink’ – ‘Painted Doubles’ – ‘Pink Frost’ – ‘Rome in Red’ – ‘Rose Quartz’ – ‘Shooting Star’ – ‘Spanish Flare’ – ‘Spring Party’ – ‘Wedding Bells’ – ‘White Pearl’ – ‘Winterbells’  and straight species orientalis

Just Arrived!


Your Going to Need a Bigger Garden…

Prepare your tummies for this year’s yummies.

Choose from:

  • Seed Potatoes – blues, reds, whites, fingerlings (organic varieties available)
  • Onion Sets – yellow, red and white
  • Shallots – yellow and red
  • Garlic – regular and Elephant!
  • Bare-root Asparagus, Rhubarb and Horseradish

Best Selection’s NOW


Summer Bulbs

Summer Flowering Holland Bulbs, Rhizomes, Corms, & Tubers Have Arrived! All pre-packaged & ready to plant. Buy NOW for best selection, plant in late April.

Our stock includes Dahlias, Lilies, Begonias, Caladiums, Gladiolus, Callas, Cannas, Elephant Ears and more!


Pre-Cooled Bulbs

Sprouted & Ready-To-Plant. This container was planted in a matter of minutes! Using pansies and pre-cooled bulbs your planter can have instant “spring bling.”

Mini DaffodilsYellow
6 bulbs, priced $8.99
Hyacinthsblue, pink or white
4 bulbs, priced $8.99
Tulipspink, red or yellow
6 bulbs, priced $8.99

hiemalis rieger begonia

Rieger Begonias

You can enjoy these abundant bloomers indoors now, and after mid May, they can be placed outside with your other annuals. As with most begonias they like warmer temperatures, 65°-75°F, and bright indirect light. Water with room temperature water NOT cold water. Remove spent blossoms to encourage new flowers.

4½-10 inch pots, priced $5.99-$24.99

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