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This Week at Behnke’s



All Christmas Ornaments

20% off

Choose from
beautiful cloisonne,
unique Old World Christmas®
blown glass, Heart Gifts®,
Jim Shore®, Egyptian Glass
and so much more!

sale excludes clearance items

Create Your Christmas Memories Now

Behnke’s Christmas Shop
“Stroll through our version of a German Marketplace”

From made in America Ginger Cottages® to German/Italian imported items to just plain whimsical and fun, Behnke’s Christmas Shop has something for everyone. So whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift for that someone special, take a stroll down our Christmas Lane and enjoy the sights.


Featured This Week



Amaryllis & Paperwhite Bulbs. Kits & Individual Bulbs Available. Plant them for yourself or give them as gifts. So easy to grow! Many varieties of Amaryllis available. Plant pots of Paperwhite bulbs at 1 week intervals for blooms all winter.



The bright colors of cyclamen are a fall/winter favorite. Add a radiant glow to your favorite room or spread the cheer and give one as a gift. To keep cyclamen happy, set them in a cool room (60-68°F) where they get bright, indirect light. priced $6.99 to $12.99



A true indoor Christmas Tree with year round appeal. We have small plants, perfect for table tops, and larger, floor trees. You can decorate with lightweight ornaments or just drape with a small strand of lights. priced $2.99 to $34.99



We have traditional, of course, and then, there’s so much more. Don’t just pick what’s handy. Choose the color and size you really want for your special holidays.

A note about Poinsettias: These are tropical plants that require moderate to bright indirect light. Though they detest cold drafts, they are also not happy sitting in front of a blowing heat vent or a roaring fire. After purchasing a poinsettia, please do not leave it in a cold car while you run errands.



Miniature Poinsettias in self-watering planters.
priced $5.99-$7.99

  • Perfect for an office or dorm room.
  • Add a holiday touch to your indoor fairy gardens.
  • Use as gifts at a dinner party.
  • Wonderful teacher’s gift.
  • Cheer up someone in the hospital.
  • Every windowsill wants one.


These are quite often “generational” plants and get handed down through families. But don’t let the name of this plant fool you. This cactus originally came from the rainforest and lived like many orchids, in the the forks of tree branches. They like good humidity and bright light. Water when the top inch or so of soil feels dry. Who knows, you may start your own family tradition. priced $4.99-$24.99

The Best Traditions


The Beauty of

  • Fresh cut Christmas trees
  • Arrangements, large & small, designed at Behnke’s
  • Fresh cut greens and roping
  • Wreaths, plain & decorated
  • Cones & berries
  • Remembrance vases

Bring it home!


Kiln Dried Firewood IN STOCK!


Choose from –
full cord • 2/3 cord • 1/3 cord
OR 1/9 cord which fits in a standard trunk (let us load it for you)

Our firewood has been “seasoned” by drying in a kiln. The firewood is essentially baked to force out moisture.

Advantages of Kiln Dried Firewood –

  • CLEANER… Less debris /suitable for indoor storage.
  • LOW MOISTURE CONTENT… Burns easily & efficiently.
  • HIGHEST BTU’s of any firewood.
  • READY TO BURN – No Waiting! ENJOY!

Stop in to pick it up or schedule your delivery date now

Toys for Tots


Behnke Nurseries is an official

Toys for Tots® Drop Off Location

We are accepting donations* of new, unwrapped toys.
Now thru December 10.

*This year there is particular need of items for children ages 9 to 15.

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