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Annuals in 6″ pots
Still available & looking marvelous

SALE 20% off

Green Grows the Garden



Roses have been a hit for centuries coloring the gardens of kings, clergy and commoners. And what colors they produce – from vibrant to muted tones, from solids to multi-colored flowers. Roses are also available in many varieties that have specific uses, some of which can climb, ramble, form hedges, produce long stems for vases, or even bear fruit.

Sale 50% off



Trees are Mother Nature’s way of giving us a break from the sun. BUT the only way for most of us to get big beautiful hammock-holding trees is to start with a smaller tree and wait for it to mature, each year measuring the shady expanse underneath until one year you realize your lawn chair now has a permanent home. “The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago, the second best time is today.” (sale excludes Japanese maples, crape myrtles, and hollies)

Sale 40% off

Featured This Week



Summer is a golden time in the sunny garden, thanks to long-blooming summer perennials. Rudbeckias (Black-eyed Susans to their friends) come in varying heights, offering golden daisies that attract a host of pollinators. When the seed ripens, they also attract goldfinches. You can’t get much more golden than that.

Sale 20% off



Tickseeds now sport flowers of white, pink, red, and bicolors, thanks to the work of plant breeders who have been busy as bees cross-pollinating different species to create new forms for the garden. For the bees, plant the simple yellow and golden ones; for a spot of color, add some of the amazing new hybrids for yourself.

Sale 20% off



Groundcover, Perennial, Garden Edging

Liriope covers many bases in the garden. It performs well in both light shade and sun forming well coiffed mounds 12”-15” tall/wide with green or variegated foliage. Blue-purple flower spikes rise above the foliage during the summer.

Sale 50% off



It’s Hydrangea Season! The bigleaf varieties with “mopheads” (see picture) and “lacecaps” start off the season with the newest hits being, of course, the “rebloomers” like the Endless Summer® series that bloom on both old and new wood. In their turn, the oakleaf hydrangeas and then the panicle varieties (a.k.a. “pee gee hydrangeas”) will also fill gardens with big, beautiful blooms. Stop in and check out all of the varieties available and discover which kind(s) will work best in your garden.



The classic flowers of summer, crape myrtles bloom in clusters from mid to late summer in colors ranging from white to shades of red, pink, and purple. Some of the newer varieties even show off with dark burgundy leaves that further emphasize and contrast the flowers. Looking for a specific size? These babies range from hip height to house height fitting into most any sunny landscape. And furthermore, most varieties sport leaves that are colorful in the fall.



Brighten up a room or add pizazz to the garden with this beautiful pottery. Our Talavera planters and statuary are hand painted by trained artisans, no two pieces are exactly alike.

Gift Idea! – Fill a planter with gloves, pruners and a bottle of fertilizer.

Sale 20% off

Time for Mulch


Help your plants thrive during our summer heat and droughts
by mulching — SAVE NOW!

Mulch Sale 20% off

We carry 8 kinds of mulch in 2 cubic foot bags:

  • Hardwood Shredded
  • Pine Bark (in 3 grades – fine, mini & nugget)
  • Cedar (natural, red & black)
  • Cocoa Shell



All Benches & Bistro Table/Chair Sets

Create a cozy spot for tea or a place to relax in the yard.

Sale 25% off

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