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So full of color and low maintenance, evergreen azaleas can be spotted in almost every yard this time of the year. In solids and bi-colors, azalea flowers burst forth to fill gardens with splashes of white and shades of red, pink, purple, and coral. Some are even repeat bloomers and flush with color again in the fall.

Featured This Week


Nature’s Vitamins

Blueberries are one of the easiest fruits to grow. In addition to the delicious and healthy berries produced in summer, the spring flowers attract many important pollinators, and the fall leaves add interest to the landscape as they turn red, orange and yellow. Plus, they’re native which makes them very hardy!


priced $79.99 each

Wishes Do Come True – We are so excited! After years without, we finally found GENUINE oak half whiskey barrels. Such classic planters are perfect for framing walkways, garden entrances and doorways; creating vertical focal points in gardens; or just adding rustic charm to anyplace you wish to put a planter.


2½ inch pots, priced $3.29 each

Stop in and pick out a few pots of herbs for your windowsill. Enjoy the flavor of fresh now, and in May you can plant them outside to increase your bounty! Herb Teas: You can brew herbal tea from fresh herbs by boiling water and then pouring it into a cup containing pre-washed culinary herbs or just add fresh culinary herbs to black/green teas to flavor them. Try a mint or lemon verbena.


10” basket, priced $24.99 each

Hanging from porches, sitting on railing posts, or nestled in urns along a walkway, ferns always make a home look friendly and inviting in the summer. They are easy to care for – just check them each morning to see if they need water and place them in an area with filtered sun and good air circulation.


We’re So Excited About

So many to select from – 21 varieties of Dogwoods during peak selection. We enjoy finding uncommon varieties so you can have something unique. Native, Chinese and hybrid choices will include new forms with variegated foliage, “red” flowers and compact habits. If you’re doing a native woodland planting, dogwoods look especially lovely when floating above a sea of ground covers like violets, foam flower, ferns and other short shrubs and perennials.


New Arrival

Pre-Planted Succulent Planters – Small, medium and large planters full of tropical succulents. Set them indoors in a sunny location for a special south-western touch or save them to place outside on a deck/porch when temperatures stay above 55°F. These planters are spilling over with assorted varieties that will really catch your eye.

Foliage with Flair


4-4½ inch pots, priced $2.49-$4.99

One of the most versatile foliage annuals there are coleus for shade, coleus for sun, coleus with tiny leaves and coleus with hand-sized leaves and this doesn’t even touch on all of the different leaf shapes, leaf colors and color combinations. You could plant a bed (or planter) full of just coleus and never want for a flower. But if you do add flowers, you can make a humdinger of a planting!


4½ inch pots, priced $4.99 each

These are geraniums with attitude! Not only do you get pretty flowers but you also get eye-catching foliage. Some are silvery, some are dark and others have a splash of bright color on the leaves. Geraniums enjoy good air circulation so don’t crowd them in plantings and pinch off spent blooms to encourage new ones.


4½ inch pots, priced $4.99 each

Perfect in both planters and garden settings, the Persian shield is a beautiful foliage plant for full to part sun areas. Growing about 4-7 inches long and 2-3 inches wide, the pointy, silvery purple leaves have dark green veins and shimmer in the sunlight. The plant can grow 2-3 feet tall and pairs wonderfully with dusty miller, lantana, petunias, bacopa, and calibrachoa.

Nature is a Temptress

tomato pepper


These are early plants for those people who want to get a jump on spring. We suggest caring for them in their pots for another 2 weeks due to the possibility of a late frost AND because these plants DO NOT like “cold feet.” The soil is still too cold for their roots.

They like soil temperatures of at least 65°F. In the mean time give them lots of sunshine but be ready to bring them indoors if air temperatures are going to dip below 55°F.

1 gallon pots, priced $6.49 each


IMPORTANT: If mild temperatures have you planting early, you always run the risk of having a few nights when the temperatures approach or dip below freezing.

For newly planted bedding plants (annuals) in the ground, cover the plants with a bucket or sheet (not a plastic bag, which is a poor insulator) to keep the frost from touching the plant. The soil is warmer than the air and the cover traps the slightly warmer air.

For new plants in above-ground containers, just pull them into the garage or house for the night. They can go back outside after the danger of frost is over.

A Carpet of Green


Fresh Cut Sod – “An Instant Lawn”

Fresh cut sod arrives every Friday, weather permitting. It’s always a good idea to check with us before your visit.

priced $5.99 for a 10 sq.ft. strip

Planters for Me, Planters for You…..

Trendy Glazed Metal Square Planters

New Planters
for 2017

Our new arrivals this year come
in many styles and materials.

  • From glazed ceramics to unglazed terra cotta
  • From plastics to metals
  • From light weight glass reinforced concrete to cast stone

Whatever you need, we are
confident you will find it!

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