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This Week at Behnke Nurseries

Think BIG,

in 10-inch pots

Sale 35% off
New Shipments of Plants Arriving Weekly!

Need a Potting Mix?

Check out our selection:

  • Espoma Organic® Potting Mix (bags in several sizes)
  • Espoma® Cactus Mix
  • Espoma® African Violet Mix
  • Better-Gro® Long Fiber Sphagnum Orchid Moss
  • Better-Gro® Orchid Bark

Bring Your Rooms to Life with Flowers


Streptocarpus are closely related to African violets. They are moderately easy to grow and require much the same environment (bright filtered light, adequate humidity). However, Streptocarpus sport much larger flowers making them quite a show and worth a try.

5 inch pots, priced $12.99

Phalaenopsis Orchids

The Phalaenopsis Orchid is one of the best varieties to give as a gift or to try for starters. It is one of the easiest orchids to grow. When given proper care, it will produce big showy flowers for many weeks. And don’t forget to pick up a free care guide.

Sale 20% off

Only The Best for Our Friends

Droll Yankee

A new shipment of Droll Yankees bird feeders has arrived! These dependable feeders are made in the U.S.A. and come with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. Different styles and sizes are available. And best of all, Droll Yankees feeders are easy to fill and easy to clean.

Lyric Wild Bird Food

Available in many different mixes! Attract more wild birds to your bird feeders with these premium quality, hand-crafted, no waste bird food mixes and straight seeds and nuts. Whether you’re looking to attract chickadees or cardinals, woodpeckers or finches, Lyric premium wild bird food has the freshest, high-quality bird seed.

C&S Suet Treats

C&S Suet Treats are nutritionally balanced to provide wild birds with much needed “energy” when they need it and attract a wide variety of birds due to the high quality ingredients. Visit to discover information about Birding Basics, Birdfood & Feeders, Bird Behavior, & more.

Shop Early for the Best Selection of Seeds

Hart’s Seeds

Hart’s Seeds® is the oldest seed company in the U.S.A. that is still owned by the same family that founded it in Wethersfield, CT, in 1892. These seeds are …

  • Untreated
  • NOT genetically engineered
  • Suitable for organic use

They are seeds that you can feel safe growing fresh vegetables, flowers and herbs from.

Lake Valley Seeds

Grow your garden with Lake Valley Seed and discover their high quality and wide variety of unique flower, vegetable, and herb seeds, available since 1985.

  • Untreated seed (including no treatment with neonicotinoid pesticides)
  • Does not contain GMOs
  • USDA Certified Organic garden seeds & sprouting seeds
  • Heirloom seeds available

Botanical Interests Seeds

“At Botanical Interests our goal is to inspire and educate the gardener in you so that you can create beautiful and prolific gardens”.

  • Heirloom seed varieties
  • All seed is UNTREATED
  • A large selection of USDA Certified Organic seed varieties
  • No GMOs (we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants)

Fun with Seeds

Botanical Interests
Seed Sprouter

Homegrown sprouts are always fresh and delicious and a fraction of the grocery store price! The larger trays are over 6 1/2” wide and allow for bigger batches of sprouts. Insert the removable tray dividers and grow up to four smaller batches. This sprouter is great for storing your sprouts in the refrigerator, too. Just cover with the lid and keep cool.

Botanical Interests
Kitchen Garden Kit

Growing micro greens and baby greens is practical and fun! Micro and baby greens are tiny, tender, and flavorful seedlings of vegetables and/or herbs. Both pack a big punch when it comes to nutrients. Kitchen Garden Kit includes: Wonder Soil Organic Seedling Mix (enough for 2 sowings), a reusable perforated growing tray, a reusable solid drip tray, and a reusable clear dome lid to ensure high humidity – the perfect environment for your seedlings. Instruction booklet included for your growing success!

One Stop Shop for Seed Starting Supplies

Seed Starting Supplies

Jiffy® has been the “gardener’s little helper” for decades making seed starting fun and easy.

  • Complete planting tray sets
  • Planting trays
  • Humidity domes
  • Peat pots / Pellets
  • and more

Espoma Seed Starting Mix

Espoma Organic Seed Starter Potting Mix is a rich, premium blend of sphagnum peat moss, peat humus and perlite that has been enriched with Myco-tone®.

  • For all seedlings and cuttings
  • Promotes Root Growth
  • Improves moisture retention

Soil Amendments

Peat Moss, Vermiculite & Perlite. With these you can make your own potting mixture or add to others! Brands you can trust for quality in small easy-to-carry bags and larger serious gardening sizes. We carry:

  • Espoma® Organic
  • Hoffman®
  • Pro-Mix®

Happiness is A Full Windowsill

Seedling Heat Mat

Seedling Heat Mat by HydroFarm® Jump Start

  • Increases success of seedlings & cuttings
  • Warms root area 10-20 degrees (F) over ambient temperature to improve germination
  • Waterproof construction
  • 6 foot power cord
  • The only UL-listed seedling heat mat on the market!

Grow Lights

Grow Lights by Sunblaster™. Why make your seedlings stretch for the light? Increase your growing success with supplemental lighting.

With our Sunblaster™ T5HO lights you will have healthier, happier seedlings, cuttings and houseplants.

Wouldn’t it be nice to harvest fresh herbs, microgreens, baby greens and salad greens all winter long? Just set up your own indoor garden!

Grow Light System

Grow Light System by HydroFarm® Jump Start. Start with seeds and watch them grow. The adjustable light fixture can be kept just inches away from germinating seeds and raised above the plant canopy after sprouting.

  • Ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and houseplants
  • Grow seedlings faster
  • Simple toggle clamp for easy lamp height adjustment
  • Super easy assembly

Be Prepared

Keep Paths Clear & Safe

Don’t wait till the next snow fall to wish you had been prepared. Stop in today and pick up the essentials.

  • Polar Express Ice Melt – 10 lb. $6.99
  • Safe Pet Ice Melter – 8 lb. $12.99 – 20 lb. $22.99
  • QiK JOE® Ice Melt – 20 lb. $14.99
  • Pathmaster™ snow shovels by Rugg® – $24.99 – $37.99

Kiln Dried Firewood IN STOCK!


Choose from –
full cord • 2/3 cord • 1/3 cord
OR 1/9 cord which fits in a standard trunk (let us load it for you)

Our firewood has been “seasoned” by drying in a kiln. The firewood is essentially baked to force out moisture.

Advantages of Kiln Dried Firewood –

  • CLEANER… Less debris /suitable for indoor storage.
  • LOW MOISTURE CONTENT… Burns easily & efficiently.
  • HIGHEST BTU’s of any firewood.
  • READY TO BURN – No Waiting! ENJOY!

Stop in to pick it up or schedule your delivery date now

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