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This Week at Behnke’s


1/3 off

Your Choice of…..

Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus)
Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia)
Butterfly Bush (Buddleja)

Wow….It’s Time to Fill Up On These Great Deals!


Featured This Week



While supplies last, take advantage of great prices. Experience the beauty of the tropics right in your own yard.

Sale 50% off



Scented geraniums are a must-have for a “scent garden”. The leaves of the citrosa scented geranium release a refreshing lemon scent when they are rubbed or crushed. Sale 1/3 off

  • Prefers full to part sun
  • Easy to grow
  • Drought resistant
  • Pink flowers in the summer


Asters help define late summer, on the roadsides, in the meadows, or in our gardens. With daisy blooms of blue, purple, white or pink, in various heights, asters are butterfly magnets. Mostly for sun, there are several that are happy in part-shade, self-sowing and spreading at the edges of your pathways. Most of our asters are native or hybrids of native species. The butterflies like that.

Sale 20% off



For a low maintenance, very neat, little ground cover that can be planted in light shade or sun, dwarf mondo grass is an understated winner. It spreads slowly, so it won’t take over an area unless you want it to, and its dark green, grass-like foliage makes a beautiful carpet along walks and in gardens.

4” pot, reg. $4.99; 1 gal. pot, reg. $9.99

Sale 50% off



Groundcover, Perennial, Garden Edging – Liriope covers many bases in the garden. It performs well in both light shade and sun forming well coiffed mounds 12”-15” tall/wide with green or variegated foliage. Blue-purple flower spikes rise above the foliage during the summer.

Sale 50% off



It’s a new season for Annuals of Impact at Behnke’s. New supplies of fall color are popping up throughout Behnke’s annuals’ tables. Late season plants add zest and impact to gardens and planters.

And the Beet Grows On


Time for Mulch!

Help your plants thrive during our summer heat and droughts by mulching. We carry many kinds of mulch in 2 cubic foot bags for you to choose from

  • Hardwood Shredded
  • Pine Bark (in 3 grades – fine, mini & nugget)
  • Cedar (natural, red & black)

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