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Carolina Peaches Coming to Behnke’s


Carolina Peach Truck: ROAD Trip 2017

Monday, July 24, 9:00 to 10:30 am
Monday, August 14, 9:00 to 10:30 am

Don’t miss the farm-to-street peach experience from CAROLINA with peaches by the crate from our “Tastier Peach State”! More info on our Events Page.

This Week at Behnke’s



Our Annual buyer got a great deal on Summer local blooming annuals from a local grower.

8 inch pots regularly $12.99 – now $7.79

while supplies last.

Sale 40% off


  • Tropical Hibiscus (all sizes)
  • Arabian Jasmine Sambac
  • Bougainvillea
  • Ixora Maui (TREE FORM ONLY)
  • Gardenia (TREE FORM ONLY)
  • Mandevilla Vines

Sale 40% off


Featured This Week



You must have a spot crying out for a fern. Maybe a shady corner near a downspout, where cinnamon, ostrich, or royal ferns would be right at home. A sunny downspout? Sensitive fern. How about a drier spot at the base of a tree? Christmas Fern. A dark corner that needs cheering up? Autumn Fern.

Sale 20% off



Asters help define late summer, on the roadsides, in the meadows, or in our gardens. With daisy blooms of blue, purple, white or pink, in various heights, asters are butterfly magnets. Mostly for sun, there are several that are happy in part-shade, self-sowing and spreading at the edges of your pathways.

Sale 20% off



Groundcover, Perennial, Garden Edging – Liriope covers many bases in the garden. It performs well in both light shade and sun forming well coiffed mounds 12”-15” tall/wide with green or variegated foliage. Blue-purple flower spikes rise above the foliage during the summer.

Sale 50% off



Scented geraniums are a must-have for a “scent garden”. The leaves of the citrosa scented geranium release a refreshing lemon scent when they are rubbed or crushed. 8-inch Deco-Style pot $14.99

  • Prefers full to part sun
  • Easy to grow
  • Drought resistant
  • Pink flowers in the summer


The flowers of this long-blooming, fragrant shrub are available in several terrific colors, blue-violet, purple, pink, magenta, white or yellow. And as the name indicates they are a great magnet (and nectar source) for butterflies. Plant these shrubs in a sunny location that has well-drained soil, and prune them back hard each March to freshen them up. And for those ecology-minded folks, many of the new varieties offer little to no seed production, so enjoy!



Rose of Sharon flowers come in shades of pink, white, and lavender-blue, usually with a red eye in the center, and bloom for weeks in summer. Keep them in a sunny spot with regular fertilization and they’ll reward you with lots of color that may even draw the eye of a passing hummingbird. They are easy to take care of and long-lived. Their only drawback is the propensity for some to set seed and volunteer their babies whether you want them or not.


in 6-10 inch pots

  • Use them as centerpieces for outdoor parties/BBQ’s
  • Give them as “ hostess gifts”
  • Quickly fill in garden “ spaces”
  • Add a little more color because you want to

Plant availability varies week to week



The classic flowers of summer, crape myrtles bloom in clusters from mid to late summer in colors ranging from white to shades of red, pink, and purple. Some of the newer varieties even show off with dark burgundy leaves that further emphasize and contrast the flowers. Looking for a specific size? These babies range from hip height to house height fitting into most any sunny landscape. And furthermore, most varieties sport leaves that are colorful in the fall.



It’s Hydrangea Season! The bigleaf varieties with “mopheads” (see picture) and “lacecaps” start off the season with the newest hits being, of course, the “rebloomers” like the Endless Summer® series that bloom on both old and new wood. In their turn, the oakleaf hydrangeas and then the panicle varieties (a.k.a. “pee gee hydrangeas”) will also fill gardens with big, beautiful blooms. Stop in and check out all of the varieties available and discover which kind(s) will work best in your garden.



Elderberries have had an array of new variety introductions in the past few years and, we have to say, we find them attractive and useful garden additions. Like their American cousins (Sambucus canadensis), these European Elderberries thrive in full to part sun and moist soil. The edible flowers are ivory (or pale pink) and cluster together to form umbels. The edible berries can either be black or red, depending on type and are tasty when used in juices, jellies, pies and wine (and if you don’t want to eat the berries, the birds certainly will love them). The best part, though, are the leaves – gold, cream-edged green or deep inky purple – and the texture they add to mixed plantings. Interesting foliage should always be part of a great garden plan and these certainly offer great potential for stunning combinations.

Time for Mulch!

Help your plants thrive during our summer heat and droughts by mulching. We carry many kinds of mulch in 2 cubic foot bags for you to choose from

  • Hardwood Shredded
  • Pine Bark (in 3 grades – fine, mini & nugget)
  • Cedar (natural, red & black)

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