Garden Club Special - Ornamental Grasses


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Texture, motion, vertical beauty — ornamental grasses add so much to the garden and look great in container gardens. Plus, they require very little maintenance!

Over 40 varieties available!

SALE 25% off

A Few of This Week's Specials


Sale 50% off

“Queen of the Vines,” they say, and they’re probably right! Clematis are easy to grow and sport a beautiful range of colors. Pair one up with a climbing rose, grow a tall one through a small tree or use any of them to cover a mailbox, arbor, trellis or wall. For a vine that can look delicate, they have great constitution and staying power and add a lot of bang for your buck — especially when they are on sale.  Starting at $24.99


Sale 50% off

Rhododendrons light up an area with their big beautiful flowers in the spring, and bring a sense of structure to the garden the rest of the year with big evergreen leaves that make a great backdrop to small shrubs and perennials. They may be finished blooming this year, but if you plant them now, you’ll be ready for next spring — and get a terrific deal to boot! Starting at $34.99


Clumping Bamboo
Sale 1/3 off

Fear not bamboo lovers, the clumping bamboo is here. Use it in the garden for vertical beauty or along a border as a screen without fear of it running amuck — hence the name “clumping.” Not only does it add “style” to a garden, but, when the wind blows, it gently rustles. Pair it up with a fountain and create your own spa area. Starting at $49.99


Japanese Iris
Sale 50% off

Of all irises, Japanese irises are influenced most by culture. Proper care will result in increased height, branching, flower size, quantity and quality of bloom. Water is the most important factor. Plant them in moist or even boggy soil. They prefer a rich soil which is high in organic matter to provide nutrients and retain moisture. Fertilize liberally in spring with Espoma Organic® Holly-tone. (photo courtesy of Monrovia)


Sale 25% off

Daylilies: old-fashioned perennials that belong in every garden. If you only know the orange ditch weed, then broaden your horizons. They demand little, yet bloom profusely for weeks in every color except true blue, many with two or even three-tone flowers. Deer resistant?? Heck no; Bambi is their Achilles heel, but otherwise, they are garden perfection. Full sun or a few hours of shade — once established, they ask little of us except admiration.


Sale 50% off

Choose from bush (herbaceous) and/or intersectional (a cross between herbaceous & tree) varieties of peonies. Being spring bloomers, they have finished flowering for the year, but you can plant them now and have them established for next year’s show. Just give them a sunny, well-drained location with good air circulation.

The Pot's The Thing


Hurry In! All GlazedCeramic Pottery – SALE 20% off

The pot’s the thing that can pull together a deck, a garden, a room! In bright colors, earthy colors or something in between, pots complement/contrast not only the plants they contain, but also the look of an area just like a piece of art. P.S. Consider placing pot feet or blocks under your planters to allow for air circulation and to keep the drainage holes open.

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