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Miniature Poinsettias
(in self-watering planters)

• Perfect on office desks or in dorm rooms.
• Add a holiday touch to your indoor fairy gardens.
• Use as gifts at a dinner party.
• Wonderful teacher’s gift.
• Cheer up someone in the hospital.
• Every windowsill wants one.


Bursting with color!

4½ & 6½ inch pots
priced $6.99 to $12.99


Christmas Cactus

Loaded with buds and blooms!
4 & 6 inch pots; 8 inch hanging baskets
priced $4.99 to $24.99


Helmut Knows a Good Tree!

Need a fir for the holidays? The Christmas Trees are HERE!

Pick out the perfect tree now, and ask for a fresh cut on the bottom. Then, when you get it home, place it in a bucket of water and leave it in a cool spot out of the sun until you are ready to bring it inside and decorate.

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