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Featured This Week at Behnkes – Persimmons

Add something new to your garden this year – persimmons! What a sweet treat to pluck from your very own tree. This bright, colorful orange fruit can be picked in the fall and eaten fresh or used in cooking, just wait till they are fully ripe (under ripe fruit can be astringent). Interested?

We currently have in stock Asian, Asian-American Hybrid and Native varieties. Among these we have 2 dwarf varieties, ‘Fuyu Imoto’ and ‘Nikita’s Gift’, that will top out around 10-12’ tall at maturity and are perfect for small areas. All of these trees are self pollinating but for optimum fruit production it still helps to have two varieties. Persimmon trees start at $89.99

Other fruit/nut trees now available include – apple, apricot, cherry, chestnut, fig, jujube, nectarine, paw paw, peach pear & plum.

Blueberry Plants Have Arrived

Blueberry Plants (Vaccinium)

  • Delicious & Nutritious
  • Native
  • Deer-resistant

Blueberries are one of the easiest fruits to grow. In addition to the delicious and healthy berries produced in summer, the spring flowers attract many important pollinators, and the fall leaves add interest to the landscape as they turn red, orange and yellow. Plus, they’re native which makes them very hardy!

Other fruit bushes/vines also available: blackberry, raspberry, grape

Fresh Plants Arriving Weekly

Cool Wave Pansies

This is a wonderful trailing variety of pansy that carpets the ground with waves of color or “spills” out of planters. Just perfect for our “early” spring, these little gems will just thrive on our warm days and cool nights. Should we encounter a cold night with frost, don’t worry. These plants are hardy. Protect open flowers from frost by covering them over night.

4½ inch pots, priced $2.49 each

Pansy-Alyssum Bowls

They are back again this year! Beautiful bowls full of pansies and sweet alyssum that will instantly decorate any porch or stoop. If old man winter should threaten us with a frost, just bring the bowls inside for the night to protect any open flowers. These bowls make perfect gifts!

12 inch pots, priced $21.99 each


These colorful rosette flowers are sure to brighten your day. Or give one as a gift to make someone else smile! Indoors, ranunculus like cool rooms (about 60-65°F) but lots of sun. Prune back spent blooms and yellow leaves. When watering, saturate the soil until the water runs out the bottom of the pot then let it dry out a little before you water again.

4½ inch pots, priced $6.99 each

A Nod to the Wee Folk

Fairy Primrose

Among our classic, brightly colored Primrose is a standout – the Fairy Primrose (Primula malacoides). It is taller than our other primrose with clusters of smaller flowers perched on stems and growing above the foliage. In white and shades of lavender and pink, the flowers will last longest if you keep the plant in a cool room with good light.

4½ inch pots, priced $5.49

New Fairy Gardening Accessories

“Will” is only one of the new impish fairies to show up at Behnke’s this year. The 2017 line of fairy accessories includes many new houses, trinkets and creatures to add to your fairy domain. Also perfect for a fairy gardening, our terra cotta “bowls” are in stock as well.

4-Leaf Clover Plants

Grow Your Own Luck. Now you can grow your own or give a little extra luck to a friend. These little clover plants are cute as can be with 2-toned green leaves. Place them in a bright window for now and you can add them to a garden bed or fairy garden as a groundcover in the spring.

4½ inch pots, priced $4.99

Kitchen Garden Kit

for growing microgreens & baby greens

Growing microgreens and baby greens is practical and fun! Micro- and baby greens are tiny, tender, and flavorful seedlings of vegetables and/or herbs. Both pack a big punch when it comes to nutrients.

Kitchen Garden Kit includes: Wonder Soil Organic Seedling Mix (enough for 2 sowings), a reusable perforated growing tray, a reusable solid drip tray, and a reusable clear dome lid to ensure high humidity—the perfect environment for your seedlings. Instruction booklet included for your growing success!

This Week’s Green Garden

Shamrock Plants – Oxalis

With bright kelly green or dark purple foliage, these plants are easy to grow and produce dainty flowers (white on the green plants and pale lilac on the purple). Place them in bright light but not direct sun in a cool room. These plants will require a dormancy period each year.

4½ inch pots, priced $4.99-$6.99

Summer Bulbs

Summer Flowering Holland Bulbs, Rhizomes, Corms, & Tubers Have Arrived! All pre-packaged & ready to plant. Buy NOW for best selection, plant in late April.

Our stock includes Dahlias, Lilies, Begonias, Caladiums, Gladiolus, Callas, Cannas, Elephant Ears and more!


Beautiful early bloomers! Varieties include: ‘Cinnamon Snow ’, ‘Pink Frost’, ‘Cotton Candy’, ‘Brandywine Hybrids’ and more!

Also Just Arrived…
Dianthus, Oriental Poppies
Hardy Primrose, Low-Growing Phlox.

New Brew Your Own Beer & Wine Kits


Get into the spirit and try your hand at brewing beer and making wine.

Choose from these kits to brew one gallon of craft beer:

  • Hefeweizen German Wheat Beer
  • Bone Dry Irish Stout
  • American Pale Ale

Or these kits for wine :

  • Pinot Grigio (fruity & dry)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon (bold & dry)
  • Chardonnay (citrusy & crisp)

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