New Arrivals!

jpeg sod roll


Sod has begun to arrive for the spring season. Shipments are delivered to Behnkes every Friday (weather permitting). Call ahead to check our supply or to reserve your order. 301-937-1100.


Cast Iron Garden Benches

Beautiful garden seating — Adult Benches, Loveseats and even Kid sized! (many styles available).

priced $169.99-$369.99


Aquatic Plants

2016’s first shipment of aquatic plants have arrived. More will be arriving weekly as water temperatures rise. Water gardens add a new element to any area and can be small container affairs, big ponds, or somewhere in-between.

Featured This Week at Behnkes

woodstock windchimes

Woodstock® Windchimes

New arrivals just in time for Mother’s Day! Woodstock Chimes was developed by musician and instrument designer, Garry Kvistad, with a single great idea – to make the world’s best sounding, musically-tuned windchime. Since then he has been the driving force behind the design, development and tuning of all Woodstock Chimes.


Vegetable Plants

• Tomatoes (incl. heirlooms)
• Peppers (sweet, bell, & hot)
• Eggplant, Cucumbers, Squash, Beans, Melons

Picking fresh, home-grown vegetables from your own garden is so satisfying, and if you have children, a wonderful teaching moment. priced $2.19 and up


Mandevilla Vines

Reliable, summer loving Mandevilla vines are just as happy to hang out on the deck waiting for a party as they are to greet friends on the front porch. available in red, pink, and white.

10 inch pot priced $39.99



Add structure to your garden! Boxwoods are one of those under-appreciated workhorses of the garden. Deer-resistant, tolerant of sun and shade, slow-growing, shape-able and evergreen, they serve as stalwart foundations of the garden that look good combined with just about anything. Short or tall, wide or narrow, there’s a variety to fit in just about anywhere!

1 gallon & larger pots priced $14.99 & up



It’s an exciting new season in our perennial area. We have hundreds of varieties of perennials, and we’re expecting MORE! Every week carts and carts of plants are rolling in. Some plants are difficult to keep stocked as happy gardeners are wisking them away as soon as we get them on the tables. Whether you bring a list or just shop for inspiration, stop by and check out our perennial selection. We think you’ll be pleased.


Gardenia Trees

Gardenias — an unmistakable scent that will make outdoor sitting areas irresistable, not to mention the gorgeous flowers!

10 inch pot priced $49.99


Jasmine Sambac

Jasmine Sambac is a beautiful, fragrant everbloomer that flowers from the new growth every 30-40 days from spring until fall. Jasmines like hot and humid conditions during the day and cooler temperatures at night. Enjoy the sweetness of fragrance indoors on a sunny windowsill now and move the plant outdoors to a patio or in a garden when the outdoor temperatures remain above 60°F.

1 gallon pot priced $14.99


Tradewinds Hibiscus

Tradewinds Hibiscus are ideal for patios, window boxes or even as bedding plants. Available in several different colors. They thrive in sunny locations and prefer warm temperatures. Enjoy a small bit of paradise indoors on a sunny windowsill now and move the plant outdoors (when temperatures will remain above 55°F) to a shady location for 2-3 weeks before placing it in full sun.

6 inch pot priced $17.99


Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus in 10 inch pots. Big, beautiful plants in bright tropical colors. Perfect for a backyard oasis! Please Note: A heavy ceramic pot will help these taller tropicals stand up on breezy days. (ceramic pot not included in price)

Tree priced $34.99
Bush priced $27.99

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