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A Blast from the Past

The other day as I was walking around the nursery, the sliding door to our boiler room was open and I peaked in. With the cold weather approaching, I know that attention will be paid to these old boilers to keep our greenhouses warm. I stepped in and was flooded with memories of playing in there as a child. There is an old stair case that leads up to a small storage area that now is empty. The hours I would hide up there and play went through my mind. I walked up and looked down at those two big monsters that roar and rumble when they are on. I used to think they were going to come alive.

I thought I would share a home movie on how my grandfather Albert Behnke actually got these babies inside this boiler room. It is about 8 minutes long. The first few minutes show the installation of the 1st boiler in 1956 and the end of the movie was shot in 1963 featuring the second boiler. Obviously, they were built to last!

My Uncle Albert put the two old movies together from a bunch of old clips.  Check out the tie that one of the workers was wearing while moving this beast. So many faces from the past. I see the Marcus brothers who worked for us for years and then there are Ira and Leo who helped make Behnke’s what it is today.  I know this short clip might not be for everyone but anyone out there who worked for us knows about these boilers, and by just looking at them, you know that moving them must have been hard. I just bet they did not know just how hard it actually was. Enjoy!

by Stephanie Fleming, Behnke’s Vice President

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