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10 Favorite Screening Evergreens

It’s that time of year again – the leaves are disappearing and views you had forgotten about are making themselves known again. This fall, get started on that living fence to keep your privacy, sanity, or simply to shield you from the winter winds. Here are five favorite large-scale screeners and five favorite small-scale screeners.
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St. John’s Wort

Cheery golden-yellow flowers greet you (and happy pollinators) in summer while tidy, dainty foliage mixes well with bolder textures and colors. Several forms have rosemary-shaped, blue-green leaves that pair well with purples, golds, or white accents from neighboring shrubs or…

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Called "heavenly bamboo" because the tapered leaves and clumping stems look a bit like bamboo but without the running habit. (Bamboo is a grass, so they're actually not related at all.) Showy red berries hang in clusters all winter on…

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"Red-tip" has two claims to fame that it does really well - rapid growth and brilliant red new leaves. Valuable for blocking a view, unpruned plants will even flower and develop into sizeable specimens. Regularly trimmed, they provide multiple growth…

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Butterfly Bush

Just like the name suggests, these are magnets for butterflies and other pollinators like bees, moths, and hummingbirds. They're great bang-for-your-buck in limited-space gardens, too, since they bloom for such a long time and offer fragrance to boot. So many…

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Another of the favorite "old-timey" shrubs has undergone a rebirth of late - Weigela. Resilient and valuable assets for multi-season interest, choices now abound in foliage colors and shrub sizes, with many repeat-blooming better than they already did. Leaves can…

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