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Fall-Blooming Asters

My favorite season is autumn. The weather is cooler, the sun shines abundantly, and I love the autumn colors of red, yellow and orange… and blue, purple and pink. Yes, that’s right, blue, purple and pink, and you can add to that magenta, rose, red-purple, royal blue, lavender and sky blue. These are all the true colors of autumn here in the United States due to one of our most glorious and prolific wildflowers, the aster.
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The Tall and Short of It

There are many more native grasses to choose from. All are unique and offer exciting and appealing characteristics to the fall garden. Be sure to check out the Baysafe tags when shopping and pick out a variety of native grasses. They are all worthwhile garden plants which are easy to care for. But most of all, these grasses care for our native wildlife and will bring you new butterflies and birds to your yard.
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