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Behnke Nurseries Honored by the Chesapeake Bay Trust

We at Behnke’s were honored to be chosen to receive the 2017 Commercial Stewards Award from the Chesapeake Bay Trust.  The award “…recognizes an outstanding corporate or commercial entity that strives to make a difference in the community, has made a significant contribution to natural resource restoration and protection in the Chesapeake region, and engages its employees and members of the community in environmental issues.”

Over the last two years, Behnke Nurseries has worked with the Low Impact Development Center to implement a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust.  The grant allowed us to install examples of the seven projects homeowners and businesses can undertake to reduce stormwater runoff from their property while earning a rebate from Prince George’s County to help defray the cost of the project.  The results include an attractive rain garden at the edge of our parking lot, as well as examples of permeable paving, a cistern, rain barrels, planting a tree, a whimsical living roof on a doghouse, and impermeable pavement removal.

Also cited were our Baysafe Plants Program, which promotes the use of Maryland native plants in gardens, and partnering “with other community organizations to further environmental initiatives.”

Accepting the award on behalf of Behnke Nurseries were Behnke’s woody plants buyer Miri Talabac and perennial buyer Constance Cleveland.  Miri and Constance are two of our most environmentally concerned employees, and they continually seek to promote the use of native plants in our display gardens, our blog and newsletter, and on our sales tables.

We are so thrilled to receive this award, and we thank the Trust for this opportunity.

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