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When is the Best Time to Plant?

The simplest answer is when you have the time, and for many of us, that is now.

Plants want to get out of their pots as soon as possible, so whenever you’re ready to give them a fresh start is when they should be planted. With summer travel wrapping up and other activities on the horizon – school, extracurricular activities, sports games, fall weddings, fall hikes, etc. – it may be easier to schedule gardening sooner rather than later. (Plus, if you have children at home, they can help with the planting before heading back to school!)

Rest assured that we in the horticulture industry plant all seasons of the year; summer is a good time for us since that’s when we have the most amount of time and energy to devote to our gardens. Here at the nursery, we have tons of just-arrived fresh plants that are eager to get started on lots of root growth in preparation for a dazzling spring. Our recent mild weather has been wonderful for planting, but don’t worry if hotter weather makes one last comeback – roots in the ground are well insulated and the plants will respond favorably to having been planted and given the chance to settle-in.

by Miri Talabac, Woody Plant Buyer

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