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Green and Gold – a Native Groundcover for Shade

Green and Gold Chrysogonum virginiana
Green and Gold (Chrysogonum virginiana) is a great groundcover for shade. Mat-forming plant with long-lasting gold flowers. Trouble-free. Also known as Golden Star. You see here the variety ‘Pierre’, with acuba.

Native to the Eastern U.S.


  • Prefers partial shade and can survive full shade, with fewer blooms. In full sun, requires more moisture-retentive soil and extra watering.
  • Flowers from mid-spring to late summer or early fall, depending on temperatures.
  • Grows to 6? wide, about 1? wide.
  • Hardy in Zones 5-9.


  • Remove dead flowers to prevent seeding and to encourage possible reblooms.
  • OR, if you want it to spread, leave those dead blooms where they are and watch the plant fill in a large area.
  • If leaves turn crispy or show signs of mildew, cut them off to the base of the plant.
  • Quite drought-tolerant, especially for a plant that tolerates wet conditions, as this one does.
  • Divide in early spring, if desired to help it spread or give some away.

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