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All of us at The Behnke Nurseries Company are dedicated to your gardening success. We want you to be completely satisfied with any purchase you make.
Our goal is to help you garden — beautifully.

Behnke plants are guaranteed to be healthy and true to variety, color and type as advertised. Our plants are guaranteed, with the original receipt, from the date of purchase for the following duration:

  • Trees, Shrubs & Perennials: are guaranteed for one (1) full year from date of purchase.
  • Annuals, Houseplants & Aquatic Plants are guaranteed for thirty (30) days from date of purchase.

Plants that fail to survive or are mislabled may be returned in accordance with the guarantee period listed above (barring exclusions listed below). The original sales receipt must be presented along with the plant. Warranty does not include delivery charges.

A store credit will be issued for the original purchase price as shown on the receipt. Due to seasonal sales, promotions, or end of season clearance sales,
items returned without a register receipt will be credited with a store credit at 50% of the original price.

With this guarantee, we are assuring you that the plants you purchase are of good quality when you take them home. Thereafter, you must take charge
of their care.

  • Plants in pots must be planted in the ground as soon as possible. Balled and burlapped plants must be planted immediately.
  • Regular watering is essential for the first few growing seasons. As plants gradually become established, waterings should become less frequent. All plants require deep watering during extended periods without rain.

While we sincerely sympathize with a gardener whose plant is lost or fatally damaged due to an accident, unusual weather conditions, abuse or neglect,
animals (such as deer, rabbits, cats or dogs), or insects, we cannot assume responsibility for these circumstances which are beyond our control.

Please save your RECEIPT. All returns must be accompanied by the sales receipt. Please see our Return Policy

Guarantee Exclusions

The following plants which have died will not be accepted as returns under this guarantee:

  • Outdoor plants in potted containers (container gardens)
  • Outdoor plants that have not been planted in the ground
  • Sod and Zoysia plugs
  • Bulbs and seeds
  • Cut Christmas trees or Living Christmas trees
  • Bonsai plants
  • Plants damaged in accidents, during extreme weather conditions, by abuse or neglect, or by animals or insects.
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