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Hydrangea Quick Fire

The first to bloom! QUICK FIRE blooms about a month before other Hydrangea paniculata (hardy hydrangea) varieties. Extend the hydrangea season in your garden with a planting of Hydrangea QUICK FIRE. The flowers turn pink very quickly, and will be an extremely dark rosy-pink in the fall.

Quick and easy to grow. The flowers on QUICK FIRE are not affected by soil pH. They are produced on ‘new wood’ and will bloom after even the harshest winters. Beautiful for use as a cut (fresh or dried) flower. Plant with Little Lamb and Limelight for months of hydrangea flowers.

Growing Tips – Prefers good, loamy soil. Most adaptable of all hydrangeas to different soil types. Most urban tolerant and very difficult to kill. Best if pruned in late fall or early spring. Blooms on new wood. Make sure to prune off spent flowers when they turn brown. Medium moisture, not as water dependent as Hydrangea macrophylla. Will tolerate drought. Deciduous shrub. Fertilize in early spring by applying a slow release fertilizer specialized for trees and shrubs.

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