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One Of My Four Favorite Seasons ~ Fall

Pumpkin-DisplayI admit it, I love Maryland. You can drive to the beach or the mountains in 3 hours and you have 4 beautiful seasons. And while Winter can be challenging for me I really do love them all!

This week was the beginning of Fall. A time of cool nights, football, chili and of course decorating with all the colors of Autumn. Today I noticed the first leaves changing which for me means time to get my porch ready. This year since my grandson, Aaron is 2 1/2 and of course loves everything he sees I have decided to go all out.

I have not told my husband yet but I have ideas! Lots of ideas! That include, a visit to our church’s thrift shop for some old clothes, some straw and my husband’s old hat. Then I need pumpkins! Lots of pumpkins and of course some mums and pansies. I have been all over Pintrest saving everything I can find to create just the right look that will make Aaron giggle. Yup, Fall one of my very favorite seasons!

Posted by: Stephanie Fleming

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