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The ARC – A Natural and Effective Way to be Pain Free



Last Winter my son-in-law Gene Shirokobrod wrote an article for Behnke’s about the proper way to shovel snow. I am so proud to share with everyone a new product that he developed. The ARC is a revolutionary device to alleviate neck pain, relieve headaches and establish perfect posture. It’s a natural, effective way to be pain free…without side effects! Heres a little information from The ARC website….


The ARC is a simple. elegant. effective solution for neck pain relief and correction of poor postural mechanics. By simply lying down on The ARC for 10 minutes a day, the neck is placed in a neutral position, which relaxes the joints and muscles. The custom designed pressure inserts mimic a physical therapist’s hands to provide release of tight and achy muscles that can cause pain and headaches. Use it in sitting to make any chair an ergonomic chair! Place it behind your upper back to establish perfect postural mechanics every time! Lean back and raise your arms up to relieve tight muscles. IF you have to sit, at least do it right with The ARC!!

Designed by a physical therapist, created by an engineer, made in the USA. I love mine!

Posted by: Stephanie Fleming

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