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Those Beautiful Rex Begonias

Those Beautiful Rex BegoniasWalking though the greenhouse the other day I was drawn to the many different Rex Begonias and other foliage begonias that we have. On each of the tables were BIG BEAUTIFUL Pots of begonias with little signs in them saying, “Display Only, from Private Collection.” I smiled to myself because I knew just whose private collection these were! Behnke’s president, Alfred Millard, has long been a fan of these amazing plants. And each year we see him bringing them to the nursery for the Winter.

My mother, Sonja Behnke Festerling also loves them along with her all time favorite, African Violets. A few years ago Mom did a series of talks on how to take care of African Violets and I always wanted her to do a talk on her love of her Rex Begonias. Maybe we can get Alfred to do it instead.

The one in the photo is from a collection of houseplants that we carry for sale called “Atlas” and is called Begonia rex ‘Princess of Hanover’ and is the one I think I will try. I have the medium light they need and moderate watering should not be a issue. I am also thinking I might get a few for holiday hostess gifts. While I love giving Poinsettias, Cyclamen, and Christmas Cactii as gifts I think I know of a few friends that might appreciate these begonias.

Posted by: Stephanie Fleming

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