Kiln Dried Firewood


Kiln Dried Firewood has been "seasoned" by drying in a kiln which makes this firewood bug free & mold free.  It is cleaner and suitable for indoor storage, has a low moisture content allowing the wood to ignite easily, and it produces the highest BTU's of any firewood. Ready to burn the day it is delivered. 

Call today and reserve your firewood (payment required). This is our last truckload for the winter season!


Handcrafted in Germany
and the U.S.A

Beautifully made and traditional, these pieces are slated to become family heirlooms in years to come.

Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees
The Perfect 'Fir'

When you hear the phrase 'storybook Christmas tree', people are usually referring to a fir. With straight trunks, a wonderful fragrance and terrific needle retension, these trees are hands down the best. On our lot, choose from Fraser, Douglas, Noble and Nordmann.

starting at 5 to 6 foot tall
priced $49.99 and up

Cut Tree Special

Check Out our

Christmas Tree Bundles

When shopping at

These prices are only available when you purchase them at our online store, BUT you can choose to have them delivered OR skip the delivery charges and pick them up at our store - ready to go.

Mini Poinsettias

Mini Poinsettias
are HERE!

A little color just perfect for the office, a windowsill or a dorm room! Need a small teacher's gift? Here you go. Want to make a festive fairy garden? Combine these with a small Norfolk Island Pine and ivy.

priced $4.49 to $6.99

Poinsettias - Show your Christmas spirit in a BIG way! These beautiful, lush poinsettias in 7-inch pots and larger light up any area with lots of color. Place a couple of these in your front hallway or in the corners of your dining room, then just sit back and bask in the compliments from family and friends when they “ooh” and “ah”.

7" to 12" pots priced $19.99 to $49.99
Sale 25% off

Behnke Garden Club Specials
Artificial Wreaths
Artificial Trees
Garland, Picks and
All Christmas Lights
(Excluding Brite Ideas)

Now 30% off
Must be a Behnke Garden Club member to get this special price.
To join, just Sign Up Here! It's FREE!

Large Norfolk Island Pines
and Ficus Benjamina 'Midnight'

Choose from both of these lovely indoor trees all decked out with mini white lights.
Norfolk Island Pines
10 inch pot reg. $34.99
14 inch pot reg. $99.99
Ficus Trees
10 inch pot reg. $49.99
12 inch pot reg. $89.99
14 inch pot reg. $129.99
Sale 25% off
(Terra cotta pot not included)
Felco® #2 Hand Pruners

Give the gift any gardener would cherish. Quality pruners can last for years and are often passed down through families. These are the pruners of the professionals. Doesn’t your favorite gardener deserve the best?

reg. $74.99
Sale 20% off
Christmas Ornaments
Start a family tradition

Some people just think of ornaments as baubles you hang on the tree, but to others each ornament tells a story. A new ornament bought each year can bring back memories of Christmas's past. While one may celebrate a birth, another may signify a special someone's passion or hobby. Some parents collect one a year for their children, so when they leave the nest, their first tree will be full of love.
Welcome to the Magical World of
Ginger Cottages!

Handmade in the heart of central Virginia! One of the greatest joys of the Christmas holidays is the magic of discovery... These lovable little cottages are designed to accept a standard miniature-tree light bulb to reveal a ”surprise” inside. Additionally, there are cleverly designed secrets throughout the collection!
Hearts & Ivy Collection

Unique in its holiday charm, each piece of the Hearts & Ivy Collection is carefully hand crafted in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by designer Donna Hamilton and a team of 25 women. Donna creates her snowmen, angels and Santas from designer fabrics and carefully selected accessories. Behnke’s is excited to offer these beautiful “Made in the USA” Snowmen this year.

Evergreen Porch Pots

Fresh & Festive
Evergreen Porch Pots

Now 25% off

Upcoming Workshops & Events

December 1st thru December 24th
Custom Bows & Wreaths Plus! *

Stop by the bow & wreath counter in our Christmas shop to have a custom bow or wreath made just for you OR ask for a demonstration. Our experts would love to give you a quick basic bow lesson or share their knowledge of wreath embelishment. Just Ask!

* The Custom Bow and Wreath Counter has limited hours of operation. Please call for hours of operation if you would like to speak to a bow/wreath maker. Orders to be picked up later may be taken anytime by Christmas Shop personnel.

WEEKENDS thru December 21st
Visit with Santa 11 am to 2 pm - Stop by and visit with Santa. Mom and Dad this is a great photo op, so remember the camera!

Children's Wonderland Fun Area - With games, activities, and a drawing area, for children 10 and under.

GREENS FEST - Visit our Greens Tent & watch as our busy elves assemble centerpieces and wreaths for the holidays. They will be happy to show you how it's done!

SPECIAL DEMOS - Saturdays, 11am - 3pm - Visit with a member of our staff in the poinsettia greenhouse as they demonstrate how to assemble fresh evergreen decorations. Examples may include a decorated wreath, boxwood tree, porch pot, or centerpiece. Questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Elf Storytime - 12 noon and 4 pm

Painted Poinsettias

ainted Poinsettias

Individually Painted & Unique!

The holidays give our design staff a chance to be creative, and just a little silly! The painted poinsettias in colors of blue, purple, yellow, orange and, of course, tie-dyed, may not be traditional but they will surely brighten up a room and make people smile.

reg. priced $9.99 and up

Behnkes Holiday Decorating

Our Holiday Lighting provides professional installation of Brite Ideas lighting products. This full-service approach to holiday lighting includes installation, removal, storage and maintenance of your lights. Behnke's Holiday Lighting staff is always here to help you with your selection or answer of any your questions.

Contact Bill Mann and find out just how easy & beautiful this can be. More info here....

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