Beautiful Annuals

BIG - Beautiful

in 10-inch pots!

INSTANT color to brighten your garden or container OR spice up the table during your next cook-out.

reg. price $21.99
Sale $5 off

Pots & Planters

Ceramic & Terra Cotta Pots & Planters For indoors and out. Make a statement with your plants.

Sale 35% off

Planting Service

Let Behnke's Professional Planting Service take care of your yard clean-up. Our trained crews will weed and clean the garden, rake and remove leaves and debris, edge, mulch, and prune shrubs and low tree branches. Have trees or shrubs planted. Get the yard and gardens cleaned up and mulched. Let us do the dirty work!

Just call (301) 937-1100

Garden Advisor

How do I deal with too much shade or sun? How do I put some pizzazz in my front yard? How should I design this area? These are just some of the questions our Garden Advisor can help you answer.  

Personal Service & Advice
Call (301) 937-1100
for an appointment & prices

Behnke Garden Club Specials

Hardy Ferns
In Our Perennial Department

Every shady garden needs some ferns to contrast and compliment the other plants. If you have wet spots in the garden, many  ferns (ostrich, cinnamon, sensitive, interrupted, for example) are tolerant of periodic flooding. Christmas ferns do well on dry, shaded hillsides. Pretty much a fern for any location, and, they are deer resistant, too.

reg. price $13.99 and up
Sale 25% off
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DeWit Garden Tools
More than a tool. It's an heirloom

In 1898, Willem de Wit started his blacksmith company in northern Holland. Today, the 4th generation of his family is still running the company. Old-fashioned quality combined with innovative designs make DeWit tools the ultimate gardener’s choice.

Sale 35% off
Fig Trees

We found figs! Although we do plan on restocking again for fall, we managed to find some figs (Brown Turkey and Mission) for everyone who has been asking lately. Though young right now, there’s a possibility they’ll bear a few fruits later this year; as they mature they’ll give you bountiful crops of fruit for your snacking and cooking delights. Give figs full sun, well-drained soil, and shelter from extreme cold and they’ll reward you with fruit for years.
priced $24.99 each

Orchid Diagnostic Clinic

Orchid Diagnostic & Re-Potting Clinic
with Carol Allen

In Beltsville: Saturday, August 9
In Beltsville: Sunday, August 10
(9:30 am - 4:30 pm)

Bring in your orchids and ask Carol for her advice! For a minimal fee she will expertly repot your plants.

Upcoming Workshops & Events

FREE Talk - Your Edible Garden: Planting for Fall Crops w/ Carol Allen

Find out what you should be doing in the garden this month.

Session 1: August 2, 10am
Session 2: August 2, 1pm
Session 3: August 3, 10am
Session 4: August 3, 1pm
(all sessions are FREE & cover same content)

NCAC Gesneriad Society Meeting - Open to the Public w/ Special Guest Speaker Dr. Jeremy Keen - Monopyle and All the Others in the Room

Date: Saturday, August 9
Time: 10:30 am

Ever wonder what a 'monopyle' is? Probably not, but if you enjoy the beautiful flowers of Mexico and Central and South America, this is your chance to learn more!

Events, Workshops & Activities 2014
Location: Beltsville
Date: Saturday, February 25th
Time: 1 pm
Cost: FREE
Speaker: Carol Allen, Horticulturist
Limit: 35 people

There’s nothing tastier and healthier than home grown vegetables. Learn how to extend the life of your garden with these cool customers. Find out what to grow in he early spring and how to care for it. Now get out there and grow!

TALK: Watering and Irrigation: Conserving Water in the Garden
Location: Beltsville
Date: Saturday, February 25th
Time: 2 pm
Cost: FREE
Speaker: Carol Allen, Horticulturist
Limit: 35 people

Be an efficient waterer! Find out about the methods that will help you conserve.

Q&A: Pruning Demonstration: Spring Maintenance
Location: Potomac
Date: Saturday and Sunday, February 25th & 26th
Time: 1 pm

Learn proper pruning techniques. Part or all of the demonstration may be conducted outside. Please wear proper attire.

WORKSHOP: Build a Terrarium
Location: Beltsville
Date: Sunday, February 26th
Time: 11 am
Cost: $40/person
Speaker: Carol Allen, Horticulturist
Limit: 12 people

Make a garden in miniature that’s much easier to care for than its larger counterpart and more versatile, but just as attractive.

Pond Passions

Water features, whether they be in containers or incorporated into the landscape, will create relaxing areas in your outdoor living space. And finding beautiful water lilies, food for the fish and water treatment supplies on sale, just made it a little MORE relaxing.

Water Lilies
Pond Fish Food
Pond Water Treatments
Sale 35% off

Garden Shop Specials

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