Garden Mums

Garden Mums
Refresh Containers with
reliable color...and SAVE!

Nothing beats mums for BIG color. Fully budded, these plants are just waiting to burst open with color. Plant them in pots, window boxes or along garden borders. Mix with other cool weather annuals for a nice display.

8 inch pots
reg. price $6.99 each
Sale $1.00 off

Cool Weather Crops

Cool Weather Crops
are HERE!

Keep your vegetable garden stocked this fall.

Kale - Brussels Sprouts - Spinach - Swiss Chard - Broccoli - Cauliflower - Collards - Cabbages - Lettuces

priced $3.29 and up
Sale 25% off

Fall Annuals

Fall Season Annuals

Now Available

Celebrate the coming of cooler weather with vibrant annuals. Perfect to rejuvenate tired plantings or create new fall containers or beds. Combine together for cheerful displays of color.

priced $2.19 and up

Planting Service

Let Behnke's Professional Planting Service take care of your yard clean-up. Our trained crews will weed and clean the garden, rake and remove leaves and debris, edge, mulch, and prune shrubs and low tree branches. Have trees or shrubs planted. Get the yard and gardens cleaned up and mulched. Let us do the dirty work!

Just call (301) 937-1100

Garden Advisor

How do I deal with too much shade or sun? How do I put some pizzazz in my front yard? How should I design this area? These are just some of the questions our Garden Advisor can help you answer.  

Personal Service & Advice
Call (301) 937-1100
for an appointment & prices

Look for our special selection of evergreen trees & shrubs
— and SAVE!

Selection includes:
Green Giant - Arborvitae
Japanese Cedar - Boxwoods
Junipers - Cypress - Bayberry
- Inkberry

All are wonderful evergreens that are great for hedges, foundation plantings or large-scale screening. All of these are also deer-resistant and best for full sun. Special pricing from a long-time local MD grower, while supplies last!

priced $27.99 (3 gal.) to
$89.99 (15 gal.)
Behnke Garden Club Specials
In Our Perennial Area

When well-sited, lavender will reward you for years to come. Sunny, well-drained soil (especially in winter) and good air circulation are musts.
reg. price $7.99 & up
Sale 25% off
Must be a Behnke Garden Club member to get this special price.
To join, just Sign Up Here! It's FREE!

All Hostas

Hostas are the standard for shade plants. Easy to grow, they come in all sizes from dainty 6 inch tall border plants to giant 36 inch tall specimens. The beautiful foliage of many different varieties runs the 'green gamut' from chartreuse to deep blue-green, with many variegated varieties brushed or edged with white, chartreuse or gold.
reg. price $12.99 and up
Sale 25% off
All Daylilies

Reliable, easy to grow and come in an exotic array of colors and sizes. Get them now, at the end of the season, for a great show next year!
reg. price $10.99 and up
Sale 30% off
All Aquatic Plants

Get your feet wet and add a beautiful water feature to your landscape. Stop by and peruse our hardy and tropical lilies, marginals and floaters.

Sale 50% off

Behnke's Best Tall Fescue Lawn Grass Seed Blend

A blend containing top-rated, turf-type tall fescues. Ideal for full sunlight or partial shade with good heat and drought tolerance and good disease resistance. Withstands heavy traffic with a wide range of adaptability.

5 lbs. $19.99 - 10 lbs. $37.99 - 20 lbs. $69.99
Turf Trust® PF - Professional Lawn Fertilizer 24-0-12

With slow-release, water-insoluble nitrogen sources and a blend of secondary and micronutrients, it's a complete and balanced lawn food that will give your lawn exactly what it needs.

covers 5,000 sq.ft., $44.99
Greenview® Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer 30-0-12

Specifically designed for use in the fall, it helps established grass to grow strong, vigorous roots, while preparing it for surviving winter stress and providing an early spring greening.

covers 5,000 sq.ft., $37.99
Espoma Organic® Fall Winterizer Lawn Food 8-0-5

Contains extra potash for winter survival and next year's spring greening. Organic matter improves your soil and provides a slow feeding that won?t burn. Safe for people, pets and the environment.

covers 5,000 sq.ft., $37.99

Orchid Diagnostic Clinic

Orchid Diagnostic & Re-Potting Clinic
with Carol Allen

In Beltsville: Saturday, September 13
In Beltsville: Sunday, September 14
(9:30 am - 4:30 pm)

Bring in your orchids and ask Carol for her advice! For a minimal fee she will expertly repot your plants.

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Improvements to Make a Healthy Lawn
w/ Christopher Lewis

Date: September 6
Time: 11 am & 2 pm

Learn step-by-step improvements you can make this fall. Topics include herbicide treatments, causes of poor turf establishment, maintenance and improving lawn health, using lime, aeration and fertilizers.
(both sessions FREE & cover same content)

Your Edible Garden: Improving your soil through cover crops w/ Carol Allen

Date: September 6 & 7
Time: 10am & again at 1pm each day

Join Carol as she offers timely tips each month and explains how you could get the most from your edible garden. ALL questions are welcomed, and after class take part in a Free activity

NCAC Gesneriad Society Meeting
Open to the Public

w/ Special Guest Speaker Barry Woof
Lighting for Gesneriads and Other Plants

Date: Saturday, September 13
Time: 10:30 am

Learn how to light your plants for best growth! Barry, a well-known orchid grower, has researched the lighting available to the home grower and will present his findings and recommendations.

Behnke's 3rd Annual Gardeners' Night Out

Date: Friday, Sept. 19
5 to 8pm

An evening just for gardeners! Enjoy demonstrations and gather information while enjoying fine music by Susan Jones of Violin Dreams and great food. Old Line, Fine Wine & Bistro will also be back hosting a FREE wine tasting. While here get a sneak peak at our 2014 Christmas Shop.

Free Talk - Taking Cuttings & Saving Seed for Next Years Garden w/ Carol Allen

Date: September 20
Time: 11 am & again at 2 pm

Why lose everything in the annual garden to frost? Take cuttings and save seed! Carol will discuss and demonstrate how to take cuttings, how to save seed, and which plants are easiest to save

Events, Workshops & Activities 2014
Location: Beltsville
Date: Saturday, February 25th
Time: 1 pm
Cost: FREE
Speaker: Carol Allen, Horticulturist
Limit: 35 people

There’s nothing tastier and healthier than home grown vegetables. Learn how to extend the life of your garden with these cool customers. Find out what to grow in he early spring and how to care for it. Now get out there and grow!

TALK: Watering and Irrigation: Conserving Water in the Garden
Location: Beltsville
Date: Saturday, February 25th
Time: 2 pm
Cost: FREE
Speaker: Carol Allen, Horticulturist
Limit: 35 people

Be an efficient waterer! Find out about the methods that will help you conserve.

Q&A: Pruning Demonstration: Spring Maintenance
Location: Potomac
Date: Saturday and Sunday, February 25th & 26th
Time: 1 pm

Learn proper pruning techniques. Part or all of the demonstration may be conducted outside. Please wear proper attire.

WORKSHOP: Build a Terrarium
Location: Beltsville
Date: Sunday, February 26th
Time: 11 am
Cost: $40/person
Speaker: Carol Allen, Horticulturist
Limit: 12 people

Make a garden in miniature that’s much easier to care for than its larger counterpart and more versatile, but just as attractive.

Behnke Best Grass Seed

The first step to proper seeding is to choose superior grass seed mix.

Our Behnke Best Grass Seed Mixtures contain recommended turfgrass cultivars that perform well in our region.

Read our article on Earth-Friendly Lawn Care Basics

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