Oriental Poppies

Get Them Now
before they bloom

It's hard to imagine that these fuzzy mounds of foliage will produce anything worth looking at, but trust us when we say that this plant will produce one heck of a beautiful flower.

Bright, papery flowers that just steal the show! Easy to grow, all these poppies need is sun and well-drained soil and you are all set. They go summer dormant but will come back next spring offering even more blooms, making them well worth the wait.

reg. prices start at 12.99
Sale 25% off


Rhododendrons, the gems of the woodland garden, they bring riots of color to the spring and early summer garden.

This spring, we have a great selection to suit your needs. Given protection from deer, part shade and well-drained soil, they'll settle-in happily for decades. If you prefer natives, we will have a couple local evergreen species and plenty of our deciduous native azaleas to add fragrance and wildlife benefit to your garden.

2 to 5 gallon pots
priced $34.99 - $89.99

German Bearded Iris

German Bearded Iris
(container grown)

Although the season is early, and their leaves are just starting to come up, these deer-resistant sun-lovers will bloom their hearts out in May with abandon. Some varieties are re-blooming and will give you a second show in the fall when one last kick of bright color is much appreciated. Plant them early so they can be happily settled before the blooming commences.

prices start at $14.99

Tree Peonies

In white, red, yellow, maroon and pink, these blooms are larger than garden peonies and put on quite a show in mid to late May. Unlike garden peonies, tree peonies are small shrubs, so they do not require staking.

They will average around 3 foot tall although given time, they can grow larger. These plants are easy to grow, hard to find, and simply beautiful in bloom and out!

priced from
$67.99 to $84.99

Garden Art

Garden Art
FOR 2015

Glass, Bio-Luminaries, & More! - Add a little art to the garden this year

Whether you eat them by the handful or by the bowlful, we have the wonderful shrubs that produce these sweet, little vitamin packed berries ON SALE this week. Choose from 21 cultivars this spring, including the 'BrazelBerries' varieties developed for container and small space gardening.

Priced $19.99 - $37.99

Behnke Garden Club Specials

Thyme (Herb)

Try this recipe for a
Hearty Chicken Pot Pie

2½" pot, reg. $3.29

Easter Decor

Add a little whimsy to your holiday


Must be a Behnke Garden Club member to get this special price.
Spring is Blooming Early Indoors!

Bring some early spring color into your home or office with these beautiful plants! Choose from blooming Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths, Indoor Azaleas, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Florist Hydrangeas and Easter Lilies.

Forced Bulbs (tulips, daffodis, hyacinths)
4-6 inch pots priced $4.99-$11.99

Indoor Azaleas
4-6 inch pots priced $11.99-$24.99

Florist Hydrangeas (pink, lavender & blue)
6 inch pot priced $24.99

Peace Lilies
priced $12.99 & up

Easter Cactus
4" pot priced $5.99

Florist Mums
4" & 6" pots priced $4.99 - $11.99

Phalaenopsis Orchids
6" pot priced $34.99

Easter Lilies - Many Sizes!
5-6 bloom single plant $11.99
7-8 bloom single plant $13.99
12+ bloom 2 plant pot $29.99
18+ bloom 3 plant pot $39.99

Pansies - Color where it counts
We can't think of a better way to brighten decks and porches than with planters brim full of pansies!
4" & 6" packs $3.29 - $4.29
4" & 6" pot reg. $2.19 - $4.99
Hanging Basket - $17.99
12" mixed planters $24.99
Beautiful Blooming Geraniums

A touch of things to come! Brighten a table, fill a basket with several pots or even use them as hostess gifts. Geraniums are a wonderful reminder of sunny, summer gardens. After the danger of frost, plant them in a sunny location outside, in containers, or garden beds.
priced $4.99 & up
Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes
make it a fruitful year!

It doesn't get better than this! Fresh fruit grown in your own yard. Tuck blueberries into the landscape, grapes along the fence, dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit trees throughout the yard.

apples, peaches, pears, cherries, persimmons, figs, grapes, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, chestnuts, nectarines, apricots, plums, pecans
Fruit Trees - $64.99 & up
Berry Bushes - $27.99 & up

Upcoming Workshops & Events

For children 10 yrs and younger

Date: April 4 - 2pm

Each participating child will go home with a goody bag. There are 'special' eggs hidden with the rest, and the top 3 egg collectors each day will also receive a special prize. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

GARDEN TALK - Your Edible Garden: Your Private Orchard - Fruits and Berries in Any Size Garden - w/ Carol Allen

Date: April 4 - 11am and April 5 - 1pm

Discover the world of fruits and berries. You don't need acres of land to eat fresh. Grow blueberries in your landscape and dwarf fruit trees in the middle of your perennials. Carol will share the juicy details!

DEMONSTRATION: How to Build a Fairy Garden (and Recycle Broken Pots)

Date: Saturday, April 4 - 1pm

Carol will demonstrate how to assemble a fairy garden, what plants work best and techniques for using broken pots that can leave you with a multi-layered fairy playground.

WORKSHOP - Beginner Hands-On Bonsai Class

Date: April 4 - 2pm - 4pm
Fee: $65 - all materials provided

A one day class with a focus on care and maintenance, You will learn all the basics of bonsai design (how to select a tree, prune, transplant, landscape with rocks, and what the art of bonsai is all about) and create your very own bonsai to take home. Registration Required

Orchid Diagnostic Clinic

Orchid Diagnostic & Re-Potting Clinic
with Carol Allen

April 11 & April 12 - (9:30am - 4:30pm)

Bring in your orchids and ask Carol for her advice! For a minimal fee she will expertly repot your plants.

Spring Blooming Camellias

Spring Blooming Camellias
A Garden Classic

Singles, doubles & semi-doubles, Camellias grace the spring garden with substantial beauty. When you plant early, mid and late spring bloomers alongside azaleas, daffodils and tulips, they create quite a show.

3 gallon pots
priced $42.99 each

Blue Crab Bay Snacks

Try some of our Blue Crab Bay®
Nuts, Snacks
Seasonings & Soup

Behnke's Garden Advisor

How do I deal with too much shade or sun? How do I put some pizzazz in my front yard? How should I design this area? These are just some of the questions that Behnke's Garden Advisor can help you answer.

Personal Service & Advice
Call (301) 937-1100
for an appointment & prices

Professional Planting Service

Let Behnke's Professional Planting Service take care of your yard clean-up. Our trained crews will weed and clean the garden, rake and remove leaves and debris, edge, mulch, and prune shrubs and low tree branches. Have trees or shrubs planted. Get the yard and gardens cleaned up and mulched. Let us do the dirty work!

Just call (301) 937-1100

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