Oriental Poppies

Get Them Now
before they bloom

Bright, papery flowers that just steal the show! Easy to grow, all these poppies need is sun and well-drained soil and you are all set. They go summer dormant but will come back next spring offering even more blooms, making them well worth the wait.

priced from
$11.99 to $13.99

Tree Peonies

Our First Shipment

In white, red, yellow, maroon and pink, these blooms are larger than garden peonies and put on quite a show in mid to late May. Unlike garden peonies, tree peonies are small shrubs, so they do not require staking.

They will average around 3 foot tall although given time, they can grow larger. These plants are easy to grow, hard to find, and simply beautiful in bloom and out!

priced from
$67.99 to $84.99

Onions, Shallots, Garlic

Some things in life should just come from your own back yard. Bon appétit!

Red, Yellow & White Onions
75/set priced $3.99

15/set priced $3.99

6/set priced $5.49

Elephant Garlic
2/set priced $9.99


Fresh off the plant - pop them into your mouth or adorn you favorite dessert!

However you choose to eat your strawberries, there is no question about how much better they are when you grow them yourself. Choose from June-bearing, ever-bearing and day-neutral varieties.

Packages of 25 plants
priced $15.99

New Statuary

for 2015

Figurines & Animals - Add a little art to the garden this year


We can't think of a better way to brighten decks and porches than with planters brim full of pansies! Make a break from winter and welcome March with these bright jewel-toned blossoms.
  • 4 & 6 packs reg. $3.29-$4.29
  • 4" pot reg. $2.19
  • 8" Hanging Basket reg. $17.99
  • 10" mixed planters reg. $24.99
Behnke Garden Club Specials
Sage (Herb)

Try the recipe below for a savory
meatloaf, easy to prepare & tasty.
Mom's Best Meatloaf Recipe

2½" pot, reg. $3.29

25% OFF

Must be a Behnke Garden Club member to get this special price.
Spring is Blooming Early Indoors!

Bring some early spring color into your home or office with these beautiful plants! Choose from blooming Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths, Indoor Azaleas and Florist Hydrangeas.

Forced Bulbs (tulips, daffodis, hyacinths)
4-6 inch pots priced $4.99-$11.99

Indoor Azaleas
4-6 inch pots priced $11.99-$24.99

Florist Hydrangeas (pink, lavender & blue)
6 inch pot priced $24.99


perennially good!

This could be one of the last years you buy asparagus at the store. Plant this year and start harvesting in 2-3 years and for MANY years to come.

Jersey Knight - Millenium - Purple Passion
10 crowns priced $7.99 & up


also available

Potted, bare-root plants

priced $8.99 each

Potato Sets

Boxed & bagged, we have OVER 12 varieties of potatoes in yellow, white, red and purple.  Many are even certified organic! Just think, this year you could be harvesting farm fresh potatoes with names like...

German Butter Ball - Terra Rosa - Purple Majesty - French Fingerling - Carola -
Rose Finn Apple

priced $3.99 & up

Try some of our Blue Crab Bay®
Nuts, Snacks Seasonings & Soup


Upcoming Workshops & Events

For children 10 yrs and younger

Date: March 28 & 29 and April 4
Time: 2pm

Each participating child will go home with a goody bag. There are 'special' eggs hidden with the rest, and the top 3 egg collectors each day will also receive a special prize. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

GARDEN TALK - Controlling Insect Pests in Your Garden an IPM Approach
w/ Christopher Lewis

Date: March 28 - 11am

Discover a Master Gardener's approach to minimizing insect damage to your garden using integrated pest management (IPM) techniques and the least toxic chemical controls.

GARDEN TALK - Planning a Hummingbird Garden
w/ Carol Allen

Date: March 29 - Noon

Invite some hummingbirds to stay with you this summer. All you need is the right buffet, and Carol will show you how to plan the menu. Discover which plants the hummingbirds prefer and why, and how to supplement their menu when the plants are between blooms.

GARDEN TALK - Planning a Butterfly Garden
w/ Carol Allen

Date: March 29 - 2pm

Watching colorful butterflies flit around the garden is one of the joys of summer, and if you grow just the right plants, you can create your own butterfly preserve. Carol will discuss the different stages of butterfly development and which plants are beneficial for each stage. Learn how to plant a Butterfly B&B.

Spring Vegetables for Cool Weather

Arugula - Broccoli 'Pakman' - Broccolini - Brussels Sprouts 'Jade E' - Cabbage 'Bravo''Red Delight'  - Cauliflower 'Snow Crown' & 'Cheddar' - Celery - Collards 'Georgia' - Kale 'Iberia', 'Red Russian' - Lettuce 'Bistro Mix', 'Buttercrunch', 'Black Seeded Simpson', 'Romaine Parris Island' - Kohlrabi - Pak Choi - Spinach - Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights'

4 & 6 packs, price $3.29 - $4.29

Orchid Diagnostic Clinic

Orchid Diagnostic & Re-Potting Clinic
with Carol Allen

April 11 & April 12 - (9:30am - 4:30pm)

Bring in your orchids and ask Carol for her advice! For a minimal fee she will expertly repot your plants.

Professional Planting Service

Let Behnke's Professional Planting Service take care of your yard clean-up. Our trained crews will weed and clean the garden, rake and remove leaves and debris, edge, mulch, and prune shrubs and low tree branches. Have trees or shrubs planted. Get the yard and gardens cleaned up and mulched. Let us do the dirty work!

Just call (301) 937-1100

Behnke's Garden Advisor

How do I deal with too much shade or sun? How do I put some pizzazz in my front yard? How should I design this area? These are just some of the questions that Behnke's Garden Advisor can help you answer.

Personal Service & Advice
Call (301) 937-1100
for an appointment & prices

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