Summer color in white or shades of red, pink or lavender that cannot be denied. Trees and bushes laden with frilly flowers in July and August make the Crape Myrtle a staple in every beautiful garden. So easy to grow, these gems perform best in an open sunny area with well-drained soil. As they are available in a number of different sizes (2 ft. to 30 ft. at maturity), choose the variety that fits your space best.
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“Tune-Up” Your Outdoor Plants With  Espoma Organic® “Tone” Food

All 4lb bag reg. priced $7.99-$8.99
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 Look for food ending in the word “Tone”. Includes.........

Holly-tone • Plant-tone • Garden-Tone • Rose-Tone  Bulb-Tone • Tree-Tone • Tomato-Tone • Flower-Tone  Bio-Tone Starter Plus • Iron-Tone • Palm-Tone • Citrus-Tone

As the weather gets hotter, it’s time to turn to a bit of shade gardening and Hostas, being so easy, are just the thing to give you instant gratification with little work. The lushness, and colorful patterns that Hostas bring are a visual treat, while their tidy, architectural habit seem to polish up any messy looking space in an instant. They will grow well around the bases of trees where other plants suffer from the competition, and do very well grown in containers. There is a shape and size for every outdoor space imaginable.
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Big Tropical Plants 10-inch pots • 12-inch pots • 14-inch pots
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Choose from — Mandevilla Vines • Gardenia Trees • Tropical Hibiscus Banana Plants • Palms • Ferns • Corn Plants Dragon Palms • Weeping Figs • White Birds of Paradise
and much more!

Behnke Garden Club Specials
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Beautiful vining clematis provide vertical color in the garden. Choose from purples, blues, reds, whites and bicolors. Bloom times can be spring, spring-summer, or late summer-fall.
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Cedar Mulch
2 cubic foot bags regularly priced $5.99-$6.49

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100% Cedar Mulch available in Natural, Black or Red
(non-toxic dye used)

• Maintains a level moisture content in the soil.
• Reduces soil temperatures during the hot summer months.
• Helps prevent new weeds from emerging
• Emits a pleasant scent to people that also repels pests & insects
• Recommended for Trees, Shrubs, and Perennial

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