Look for our special selection of evergreen trees & shrubs
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Selection includes:
Green Giant - Arborvitae
Japanese Cedar - Boxwoods
Junipers - Cypress - Bayberry
- Inkberry

All are wonderful evergreens that are great for hedges, foundation plantings or large-scale screening. All of these are also deer-resistant and best for full sun. Special pricing from a long-time local MD grower, while supplies last!

priced $27.99 (3 gal.) to
$89.99 (15 gal.)
Behnke Garden Club Specials
In Our Perennial Area

When well-sited, lavender will reward you for years to come. Sunny, well-drained soil (especially in winter) and good air circulation are musts.
reg. price $7.99 & up
Sale 25% off
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All Hostas

Hostas are the standard for shade plants. Easy to grow, they come in all sizes from dainty 6 inch tall border plants to giant 36 inch tall specimens. The beautiful foliage of many different varieties runs the 'green gamut' from chartreuse to deep blue-green, with many variegated varieties brushed or edged with white, chartreuse or gold.
reg. price $12.99 and up
Sale 25% off
All Daylilies

Reliable, easy to grow and come in an exotic array of colors and sizes. Get them now, at the end of the season, for a great show next year!
reg. price $10.99 and up
Sale 30% off
All Aquatic Plants

Get your feet wet and add a beautiful water feature to your landscape. Stop by and peruse our hardy and tropical lilies, marginals and floaters.

Sale 50% off

Behnke's Best Tall Fescue Lawn Grass Seed Blend

A blend containing top-rated, turf-type tall fescues. Ideal for full sunlight or partial shade with good heat and drought tolerance and good disease resistance. Withstands heavy traffic with a wide range of adaptability.

5 lbs. $19.99 - 10 lbs. $37.99 - 20 lbs. $69.99
Turf Trust® PF - Professional Lawn Fertilizer 24-0-12

With slow-release, water-insoluble nitrogen sources and a blend of secondary and micronutrients, it's a complete and balanced lawn food that will give your lawn exactly what it needs.

covers 5,000 sq.ft., $44.99
Greenview® Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer 30-0-12

Specifically designed for use in the fall, it helps established grass to grow strong, vigorous roots, while preparing it for surviving winter stress and providing an early spring greening.

covers 5,000 sq.ft., $37.99
Espoma Organic® Fall Winterizer Lawn Food 8-0-5

Contains extra potash for winter survival and next year's spring greening. Organic matter improves your soil and provides a slow feeding that won?t burn. Safe for people, pets and the environment.

covers 5,000 sq.ft., $37.99

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