BaySafe Native Shrubs & Trees
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When shopping for native trees and shrubs look for the BaySafe Symbol on the upper left-hand corner of the plant signs. And take advantage of these beautiful picks while they are on sale.

A Note About Natives...

Native plants are critical for the environment. Many serve as food sources for naive insects, which in turn are food sources for birds and other animals. Most native insects are unable to feed on non-native plants; thus, food sources for our song birds are reduced when we plant non-native plants. In addition, since native plants are well-adapted to our local climate/soil, they will require less care than non-natives.

Check out our BaySafe Native Plants Area for shrubs and trees that bear attractive flowers, fruits, foliage and/or bark, so you can improve the environment around your home and beautify your landscape at the same time.
Behnke Garden Club Specials
Hardy Ferns
(in our Perennial Dept.)

Looking for a bit of calm and cool? Then ferns are definitely the way to go. Turn the shady, bare parts of your yard into a lush, cool, green, Shangri-La. Nothing will look more appealing than a shag carpet of soft, gently wafting ferns reminding you that there is still some sanity left in all of this heat and humidity. They are deer resistant, carefree, and will naturalize well if happy. Use a few different varieties to create a patchwork of texture, or mass plant one type for a more orderly look.
reg. priced $8.99 & up
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All Bird Baths
Sale 1/3 off

Provide a haven from the heat for your little feathered friends. Choose from..

Concrete, Glazed Ceramic,
Unglazed Ceramic

If you are trying to attract birds to your yard, bird baths are key. Birds need fresh water daily for drinking and bathing. A well maintained bird bath is extremely enticing.
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Hardy Hibiscus
(in our perennial department)

Unmistakable and dramatic, perennial Hibiscus will catch your eye like an old-fashioned prom dress at a backyard barbeque - it’s just impossible not to notice, and once you do, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. The large, plate sized flowers look as though they are made out of crepe paper and their colors (reds, white, pinks) are as bright as balloons. They work in most gardens by simply being their own thing. Plant one today in a moist, sunny spot and you’ll see what I mean.
reg. priced $13.99 and up
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(Eurybia & Symphyotrichum)

They may seem common, or uninteresting to the well-traveled gardener, but asters shouldn’t be overlooked for being either of those things. Their perky, brightly colored flowers are the mainstay of the fall garden, with many blooming into late September (or into October if they’ve been trimmed in late June/early July). They are a very important source of food for pollinators because of their late season bloom time when so little else is available. They are deer-resistant, many of them are native to this area, and they are drought tolerant once established.
reg. prices $11.99 and up
Sale 25% off

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