Azaleas - the quintessential paintbrush of color in the greater Washington, D.C. area. With many heights, colors, and a range of bloom times, you can create a wonderful collage or just pick the one that suits you best. As they are understory plants by nature, give them dappled/part shade, moist but well-drained soil and a fertilizer for acid-lovers (Espoma Organic® Holly-tone is best).

Although evergreen, many can still shed a few leaves in fall which gives us the opportunity to enjoy nice fall colors of red, orange or yellow. Nearly 60 varieties of spring-bloomers and several re-bloomers await!

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Hula Berry Sets

3 Hula Berries & 1 pollinator plant
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Tastes like a strawberry
with a hint of pineapple!

A stunning white to blushed-pink fruit with bright red seeds, the Hula Berry needs pollen from a different variety to produce its distinctive fruit. Sonata, a traditional, large fruited, red strawberry variety has proven an excellent choice. A good ratio for success is 3:1 Hula
Berry to Pollinator (Sonata).
Columbine (perennial)

Stemming from the Latin for "dove", columbines are as inspirational as any bird in flight. With impossibly intricate blooms atop softly scalloped leaves, this plant will have you endlessly marveling at the complex beauty of nature.
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Easy Going - Peace Lilies

At home in moderate to low light areas, Peace Lilies make great, easy to grow, additions inside homes and offices, and in the summer (when temperatures remain above 65┬░F) fare well outside in shade area containers. During the spring and summer, fertilize peace lilies with a good organic fertilizer to help them bloom.
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Cheerful snapdragons are bushy plants with spikes of bright flowers that will enhance plantings in containers or in the garden. Combine with sweet alyssum for a beautiful grouping. Snapdragons bloom best in the cooler temperatures of spring & fall. Trim off spent flowers (or deadhead) to encourage new ones. Also available for the early spring garden: Dianthus, Sweet Alyssum, and Petunias.
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Native Bleeding Heart
Dicentra eximia

This exotic beauty is a true local. Hike along any number of wooded trails in the area and you will find stands of Native Bleeding Hearts scattered around the forest floor. We love this plant for its beauty, its persistence, and for its ability to grow so well in the shade. While the Asian Bleeding Hearts start to fade and go dormant in the heat of the summer, this spry little native holds its own and just keeps going.

Blooms start in April and continue sporadically throughout the season with an extra vigorous kick when the evenings begin to get cool again in the fall. Easy to grow - keep the soil moist and plant with some compost. It works very well as a container plant, too.

All Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra)

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