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A Few of Our Favorite Annuals


An alternative to impatiens. Plant in full sun or part shade and watch them explode! When other impatiens stop flowering due to hot temps,
Sunpatiens get better.
  • A cross between New Guinea Impatiens & Wild Impatiens
  • provide large blooms & strong vigor
  • need to be well watered
  • they may become leggy in shade, but give a quick trim & they will pop right back
  • covered with blooms all summer long

Are some of your summer plantings looking a bit tired? Now's the time to start adding in some fall bloomers, and snapdragons are ideal! They love the cooler temperatures in the fall, thriving on 70°F days and 40°F nights.

Mix them in with pansies, stocks, dusty miller, calibrachoa, ornamental grasses and/or mums for bright plantings in the garden or in containers. And don't forget, snapdragons make excellent cut flowers, so grow a few extra to bring indoors.


What a show! Cannas provide tall, bright color during the summer to any sunny garden. The big leaves create an almost tropical effect. No garden, no problem. Cannas look fantastic in big pots next to pools and on patios.
Hanging Baskets

Beautiful hanging baskets of flowering annuals add instant pizzazz to any garden area hanging from a shepherd's hook, sitting on a patio table, or suspended from a tree branch. Choose from many different kinds of flowers in lots of colors.

The Anatomy of a Container Garden

First, let me start by saying you can create a container garden "master piece" in any format you like. As long as it excites you, the garden is perfect. If you are not sure where to start, below are the "bones" or basics of design that are almost always runway ready. Just remember use plants that like the same conditions (shade or sun, moist or dry).

The Thriller: This is usually the "head" plant that has an interesting shape, bold flowers or big leaves. It should add vertical interest and say "Wow" to passersby. The thriller will take up position in the center or back of the pot. Grasses, dracena spikes, cannas, banana plants, tall ferns, colocasias, tall coleuses are just a few examples.

The Filler: Just as the name suggests these are the "body" of the container garden. They fill in around the thriller and usually compliment or contrast it in color or texture. Most of the time these are flowering annuals (impatiens, petunias, geraniums, etc.) or perennials (heuchera, hosta, low grasses, etc.)

The Spiller: These are the "feet" of the container garden anchoring it to the ground. In addition, the spiller will soften the edge of the pot and again help unify the composition through color or texture. Included in this group are trailing vinca, licorice plant, bocapa, sweet potato vine, creeping dusty millers, lysimachia.

But What About The Container?

Terra Cotta Pots: Rustic and comfortable, terra cotta pots are a gardener's staple. They are simple, become more charming with age and feel down-to-earth. The bowl shaped ones make great Fairy Gardens.

Ceramic Pots: Bright or subtle but always a classic, ceramic pots make a statement. Their lacquered, shiny finish can add another layer of style to  container gardens. Many sizes and types available to dress up your area and set the mood.

Campania Cast Stone Pots: Very grounded, cast stone is ageless and sturdy, denoting a sense of establishment. To this, Campania provides a wonderful selection of styles and color finishes old and new. Look through our store and definitely check out our special orders book.

Poly Pots: It's really not fair to call these "plastic". Many are made from combinations of materials and present themselves as faux stone or clay but much, much lighter. Our selection of poly pots starts with the very small and extends to large porch pots perfect for container gardens.

Don't Forget the Pot Feet - Why would you want pot feet? Let me count the ways.....

(1) They keep those nasty dark rings from forming under you pots and staining your decks, patios and porches.
(2) They allow for air circulation at the roots of your plants.
(3) If you place your pot in a flower bed, they keep the drainage holes from becoming clogged and drowning your plants.


Herbs: Do you like to be in control of your own destiny? Especially when it come to what you eat? Take advantage and add to or start your own herb garden. What could be easier and healthier than picking your very own fresh herbs right when you need them; you know exactly how they have been grown and where they have been. Plus, it's fun to experiment with different herbs! You don't have a garden? Use a planter and create a container garden for your porch or balcony or sunny inside window.

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