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Weigela Florida Rubidor 4
Weigela Florida Rubidor 4
Weigela Florida Burgundy Fire
Weigela Florida Dark Horse
Weigela Florida My Monet 5c
Weigela Florida My Monet 6
Weigela Florida My Monet Sunrise
Weigela Florida Rubidor 4Weigela Florida Burgundy FireWeigela Florida Dark HorseWeigela Florida My Monet 5cWeigela Florida My Monet 6Weigela Florida My Monet Sunrise

Another of the favorite “old-timey” shrubs has undergone a rebirth of late – Weigela. Resilient and valuable assets for multi-season interest, choices now abound in foliage colors and shrub sizes, with many repeat-blooming better than they already did. Leaves can be green, gold, plum-purple, or multi-hued with cream, pink, or orange highlights. Flowers have that trumpet shape that hummingbirds enjoy in white, pink, violet-pink, or red and open over much of the summer. In fall, varieties with yellow or green leaves turn orange or a russet orange-red. Large varieties grow into a nice informal mound, while dwarf types remain a tidy tuffet that easily tucks in among other shrubs or perennials. The occasional trim keeps them fresh; their needs are few and care is easy.

by Miri Talabac, Woody Plant Buyer

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