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Is Your Dog Destroying Your Lawn?

Our four-legged friends steal our hearts, but they sure can wreak havoc on a yard and outdoor living space. Fortunately, there are solutions that don’t involve keeping your rambunctious pup indoors.

Fall Soil Test Sampling Considerations

Most people think of spring as a time to sample their soil. While that is a great time, fall is just as critical. Your lawn needs the right balance of nutrients to sustain winter hardiness and prepare for a quick spring green up!

HortikiPlants On Etsy

With over 15 years of training and experience in sustainable agriculture, Hortiki Plants provides gardening inspiration, tools, and tips to help everyone realize their goals of maintaining flourishing gardens in any sized space.

How to Manage Pest Insects

Learn various environmentally-friendly methods to keep insects from harming your plants.

Tips for Dealing with Mosquitoes

You could have the most beautiful outdoor space, but if you get bitten up every time you go out, you might not ever want to use it.

All About Potted Palms

Yearning to add a little tropical flair to your home? Coming in many shapes, sizes and levels of care, you're sure to find a palm that will suit your needs and have you thinking warm thoughts.

Watching Birds in Winter

You don't have to be a gung-ho birder to appreciate spying a sprightly bird on a dreary winter day. Learn how to attract more birds to your yard, which ones you're most likely to see and how to identify the ones you don't recognize.
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