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A Memory From A Family Friend

A few weeks ago, Pat Torbert Kral reached out to Stephanie to share a memory she had of her grandparents Albert and Rose Behnke. She put her memory down as part of a story about her first job.

Beltsville’s Dawnrose History

If these walls could talk, what a story they would tell. Last year I wrote an article, These Old Walls, about finding some long-ago photos behind some office walls in a building we called DawnRose. This article will touch on the history of this building and the man behind it before Behnke Nurseries purchased it. Enjoy!

I Am Thankful For…

Thanksgiving is this week. It will be a different one for my family as I am sure it will be for many of you. We all have had to make adjustments in our lives. This will be the first one in my life that will be just the two of us.

Update to This Old House

Last week out of the blue, I got a message on Facebook from Dagmar Nearpass talking about her father, who worked around 1955 for my grandfather. She mentioned that they lived in a brick Cape Cod house up the big hill from the nursery.

Vince’s “Mini Behnke’s”

One thing that came out of the closing of Behnke’s was getting to know Vincent. When we announced we would be closing the nursery, he was among the first to start asking about purchasing some of the fixtures around the nursery.

One Year Later

How can it be one year already? One year since we closed the gate for good. So much has happened during this year, but one thing remains the same. You! Our readers/customers and our extended Behnke family.

Good-by, My Friend

Let me tell you about an exceptional person. His name was Allen Doong, and he worked at Behnke's for over 25 years. In fact, Al actually started out doing manual labor at the nursery with some of his high school friends in the 1980’s.

My Grandfather’s Rose Garden

Albert Behnke loved many plants, but roses always held a special place in his heart. He grew up on his father’s nursery growing roses and brought that knowledge to America. My entire life has been about plants and flowers.

Wash Day

Stephanie's mother, Sonja Behnke Festerling, loves to talk about the old days growing up with her brothers on the land that is Behnke Nurseries. Some of the funniest memories are about 'wash day.' Click through to read all about it.

And So It Begins

Here we are, and it is March already. Time is going so fast, and while I am trying so hard to be upbeat about the coming season, I have to admit it is getting harder and harder.

Mt. Rushmore, Don ‘Nick’ Clifford and Behnke’s

A few days ago, I received a message on Behnke’s facebook page from Steve Baldwin from Custer, South Dakota. Curious, I went to read it and found that he was a long-time friend of my grandparents, Albert and Rose Behnke.
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