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Zoe’s DIY Bee Hotel

Stephanie's granddaughter, Zoe, enjoyed making a simple Bee Hotel

What Exactly Is A Grave Blanket?

What is a grave blanket? A good question. Growing up, I never gave graves much thought. Since all the older relatives lived in Germany, there was no cause to visit any graves. Then my grandparents passed away....

Why Continue Your Victory Garden 2.0 into the Fall

As the cool autumn season begins its descent, you may think that the gardening season is over until next summer. But not so fast… Fall is the perfect time of year for planting cool weather crops!

Hey, New Gardener!

Behnke’s closed just over a year ago, and I took advantage of that to retire. So, I’ve been home a lot more than I used to be, but then again, so is nearly everyone else.

Victory Gardening 2.0 – Growing Wildflowers

Wildflowers are one of Mother Nature’s loveliest gifts. American Meadows answers 15 FAQ on growing wildflowers. We hope these answers will help you grow an amazing wildflower garden.

Victory Gardening 2.0 – Growing Peppers

We asked the NGB breeder members to answer the most often asked growing peppers questions we receive. We hope that these answers will bring a delicious pepper season to you.

Victory Gardening 2.0 – Growing Tomatoes

A Victory Garden 2.0 wouldn’t be complete without a few tomato plants. NGB breeder members answer 15 of the most often asked growing tomatoes questions.
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