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Have You Visited ETSY Lately?

holiday facemask

Have you been on the ETSY site lately? I went to Etsy yesterday because I needed to order a new Christmas Stocking for our kitten, according to my granddaughter. As quick as a wink, we found the purrfect one. A black cat, and they personalized her name BELLA on it all for $15.00. A win for me. But then I started searching for other things for gifts, and one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was searching for Maryland Facemasks. Because if we have to wear masks, why not have fun with it!

That got me thinking about Christmas and facemasks. Before I knew it, I was clicking on the cutest Christmas Facemasks. We all need to have a facemask that matches that Ugly Sweater, right? After careful consideration, I think I bought the facemask in the photo above. Because people need to know I am smiling behind that mask. ~ Stephanie

*Small Print: Etsy is one of Beyond Behnke’s affiliate sites. We do earn a small percentage if you purchase anything through the links we share.

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