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Parsley Caterpillars On Your Parsley Plant

There are so many wonderful things about Parsley. Best yet, are the beautiful caterpillars that eat it and turn into Black Swallowtail Butterflies

Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

A lot of planning and work went into Jane & Marshall Fleming's vegetable garden over the years. This looks to be another successful year for them as they have already been harvesting the broccoli.

How Old Is This Geranium Anyway?

Overwintering A Geranium For Spring I bought this red geranium in a 4 inch pot in 2018, the year before Behnke's closed. The photo does not show just how spectacular this color is, and unfortunately, I never knew what the…

Off-Color Potted Palms

I like potted palms, and over the years I’ve seen palms that were off-color, sometimes even in my own house. I attributed it to an iron deficiency but didn’t know the cause. (See the reference at the end of the article for photos of iron deficient palms.)

Next Year, More Caladiums!

Larry Hurley explains why he is planning on using more Caladiums in his garden next year.

Time To Decorate For Fall

After Labor Day, and all the children go back to school it is time to start planning your Fall decorating ideas.

The Gift of Nature: an Annual Amaryllis Tradition

Emily shares her wonderful family tradition of sending amaryllis bulbs to family members for the holidays. Read her story and you might just want to start your own flowering family tradition.

I Need to Freshen Up a Bit

Summer is in the final stretch, and most of what we are doing in August is maintenance or harvest.  It’s the time when you realize that the slugs have really been hitting the hostas, leaving them full of holes, and…

Containers to Get You Through the Winter Doldrums

This is the time of year when leaves are falling, frost is on your windows, and your planting beds are looking a bit bare.  But when that cold snap hits and kills off your summer annuals, you don’t have to…

Espoma on Growing in Containers

Behnkes has long been a supplier and FAN of Espoma's line of (mostly organic) products and were happy to discover that their high standards for video production, as well.  We posted their video about container gardening in our e-newsletter and…

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