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Time To Get In Shape For Your Garden Workout

Stephanie shares information about how she has been getting ready for Spring Gardening. With her son-in-law's company RECHARGE MOVE now streaming online she is able to get in her daily exercises. Those weeds do not stand a chance! The added bonus is she will be able to get down on the floor and play with her grandchildren.

Feed the birds, Tuppence a Bag

Feed the birds! Winter, especially it is important to feed your back yard friends. A bird feeder or two maybe even three will make the birds very happy and the bonus is you will be able to watch them from the compfort of your own home. Or tent as some people do.

The Secret World Of Fairy Gardening

Once upon a time, there was a whole world of tiny miniature fairies and their animal friends in a land far, far away. As time went on, these magical fairies decided they wanted to spread their joy throughout Earth, and the art of Fairy Gardening began.

Halloween Is Coming!

I love Halloween! I love Fall! While scrolling on Facebook the other day, this photo appeared! OH MY! I loved it. It really has made me want to try it, so my plan this weekend is to go buy my pumpkins and try.

Fall Has Arrived!

Fall is time to just take in deep breaths and clean out the cobwebs in your head and for me in my corners. What is your favorite thing to do in the Fall? Send me a email, I would love to hear from you.

October Color

So many vibrant colors everywhere. Walking around our yard while waiting for my grandson to get off the bus the other afternoon, I saw our Knockout rose all budded up and ready to burst open.

Summer Fun With Butterflies

Alice, who many of you might remember working in our sunny annual department every Spring loves to share photos of her beautiful gardens, and she lately has been fascinating us with videos and pictures of all of her butterflies hatching.

A Tiny Garden

After a number of years, our display garden of low-growing groundcover plants is growing beautifully. Click through to learn about it and get inspiration for your own garden.

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Cynthia Westcott, The Plant Doctor

This month, we're celebrating the women who broke boundaries to make horticulture what it is today. Up this week is Cynthia Westcott who became famous for her ability to diagnose and treat ornamental plants, writing a number of books and developing disease solutions in the process.
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