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New for 2017: Annuals

Winter is all about dreaming and planning for spring.  To that end, we thought we’d inspire you with exciting, new things to come.  This is the first in a series of articles that will showcase new plant varieties and products for the coming year.  First up: annuals.  They won’t arrive for a few months, but you can still have fun imagining the possibilities.

Megawatt™ Begonia (status PPAF; propagation is prohibited)

Megawatt™ Begonia
Bigger-than-life hybrid begonia. Featuring large foliage and large blooms, it’s perfect for the landscape or containers.

Night Sky Petunia (Number PP27,237; propagation is prohibited)

Night Sky Petunia
We had a limited quantity of these wonderful plants in hanging baskets in 2016. For 2017 we will offer them in a 4½ inch pot. Stunning, starry-white on blue-purple background to resemble looking at a night sky.  This is the most unique petunia to come to the garden center in a very long time.

Celosia ‘Dracula’ (status PPAF; propagation is prohibited)

Celosia ‘Dracula’
Massive, eye-catching crimson red bloom held atop each stem. Kids say the flower reminds them of a brain. Totally unique!

Celosia ‘Twisted Orange’ (status PPAF; propagation is prohibited)

Celosia ‘Twisted Orange’
Unique, large orange crested blooms atop dark green foliage, similar to ‘Dracula’ in shape. Wonderful as a focal point or in mixed containers.

Cleome ‘Senorita Rosalita®’ (photo courtesy of Proven Winners – www.provenwinners.com)

Cleome ‘Senorita Rosalita®’
Beautiful, unusual blossoms atop and throughout the plant. They’re easier to plant than other cleome because they’re thornless.  A must have for the butterfly or hummingbird garden.

Bounce™ Impatiens (Number PP26,068; propagation is prohibited)

Bounce™ Impatiens
Perfect shady alternative for the old standard impatiens! Plants ‘bounce’ back after a wilt! Habit is similar to the old fashioned, shade-loving impatiens with large blooms similar to a New Guinea impatiens. Downy Mildew resistant!

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