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Save The Date – It’s Auction Time At Behnke Nurseries Sunday, July 21,2019 10 AM

Behnke Sign

I love auctions. Always have and I guess I always will. That said, I am not sure how I will feel about this coming auction here at Behnke’s. I am hoping to see a lot of familiar faces in the crowd of bidders for this last time. The plants were all sold before we closed, but there is plenty to buy.

These past two weeks since we have closed have been pretty busy getting everything that was not sold while we were open organized and ready for you to bid on–“high and bid often” (hopefully). It really is amazing finding some of the interesting things that were buried deep under decades of people’s coming and going. Someone found an old seed catalog from the 1930’s. Then there were the two strainers in the photo below . Can anyone guess what they were used for? Answer in next week’s email.


Cochran Auctioneers has been holding auctions for 47 years. They have “conducted auctions and appraisals of estates, personal property, farm-construction and industrial equipment, commercial business, with an emphasis on construction equipment/farm equipment, heavy trucks and real estate thru out the Mid-Atlantic Region.” If you go to their web site you will be able to see some of what they will be selling here at the nursery.

If you have never been to an auction before you need to bring a few items with you. First you will need a bidders’ number. Don’t lose this. To get it, Cochran will ask for your ID, phone number and address for their files. Then you will look around the nursery and see if there is anything you must have. You know…that old shovel or two way radios. Once the auctioneer gets to the item you want, you just have to jump up and down waving your bidder number (just kidding) but make sure he sees you. If you end up the high bidder they will write down your bidder number and you will go on to bid on anything else you might want.

Once you have everything you want, you then go back to the same place you got your number and they will add everything up. They have runners that bring them lists of what was sold so sometimes you might have to wait a bit for your items to make it to the pay counter. They will add a 10% bidder fee (that pays the auctioneer’s fees) and of course the 6% sales tax that Maryland collects. Make sure that you take that into account before you bid, say, $1,000.00 on some treasure. Remember you will have to add an additional $160.00 to that $1,000.00 final price. The main thing is to come and have fun!

High Noon, Special Auction

At noon on the day of the auction we will be having a special auction where the money raised will go to support The Prince George’s County Young Explorers Post 600. We will auction off the Behnke Nursery sign from our front entrance driveway, a portrait of Albert and Rose Behnke at their home in Burtonsville, MD and some special Behnke memorabilia. I will be sharing photos of what will be included each week in this newsletter as we approach the auction.

Albert and Rose Behnke

See you at the auction!

Behnke Nurseries

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