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I’m Dreaming Of A BLT Sandwich

There simply is nothing like picking a fresh tomato from your garden, and dinner is served. The funny thing is that I actually hated tomatoes and would never eat one till about 4 years ago.

Wash Day

Stephanie's mother, Sonja Behnke Festerling, loves to talk about the old days growing up with her brothers on the land that is Behnke Nurseries. Some of the funniest memories are about 'wash day.' Click through to read all about it.

Now Where Is She?

I am in one of my very favorite places, The Americas Mart in Atlanta, Georgia, a place where buyers from all over the world come to see what is new and exciting.

Road Trip

Jessica Crawford, a former contributor to our blog, has opened a store! Last weekend, Stephanie took a road trip with her daughter and granddaughter to the grand opening.

Early Spring Cleaning

Stephanie talks about early spring and what to do with all that stuff you find while cleaning out your house.

A Gift of Experience

Experience is the best teacher and, sometimes, the best gift. Recently, Stephanie took a kitchen knife skills class as part of a Christmas present from her children.

Winter Has Come!

The recent winter weather has prompted Stephanie to reevaluate her outlook on snow. Read about her new sunnier perspective.

The Best Thing About January

While it might not seem like the ideal time to come out to the garden center, our spring inventory is arriving and the excitement is building! Stephanie enjoys seeing what's new each week and dreaming of the gardens to come.

Ice Skating and Fun Family Times

This week, Stephanie delves into the Behnke history vault and shares memories from the old days when there used to be ponds on the property.

Another Behnke Tradition

A simple act can hold a world of meaning. Every year at Christmas, with a few evergreen branches, Stephanie creates a blanket to lay on her grandparents' grave and honor their memory.

A Behnke Christmas

Christmas is a time of family traditions. Read about Stephanie's Christmas traditions growing up at the nursery next to her grandparents, the founders of Behnke's.
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