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Summer Memories

August 1943 - our lily pond - rose areys - sunday morning

I was going through some of the thousands of photos that my grandmother, Rose Behnke, took, and found this one of my mother, Sonja Behnke Festerling, and her brother, Roland Behnke. This brought back a forgotten memory of the cement pool that was on the property. My mother remembers it fondly. It was a place they could put their feet in and cool off.

My grandather, Albert Behnke, used to raise goldfish in this pond, along with water lilies, for sale at the garden center. Mom said she used to love seeing the beautiful blooms and they loved to watch the frogs.

Times change, and this particular pond is gone, but the desire for beautiful gardens that include water features never really does. It can be as simple as a barrel with one or two plants to a garden pond complete with waterfalls and more.

Posted by: Stephanie Fleming

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