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Who Needs A Hug?

stephanie and daughter

With social distancing and everything that goes with it, I am not sure about you, but I am past ready to hug someone other than my husband. That said, I am still doing my part in practicing safe procedures even though, for me, it seems to be changing every time I turn on the news.

The other day while looking at Facebook, I had to laugh. A mom and her kids invited grandmother over. When she pulled up there in the driveway was a clear plastic shower curtain attached to a frame. Two long plastic clear gloves hung from the roadside (I think they were the gloves used to examine cows), and then there were two hanging from the families side down lower for the kids to put their arms through. The idea was for the grandmother to be able to hug the little ones safely. I thought it was a fantastic idea. Hugging is what I am all about. No one is a stranger, but like you these past few months not being able to hug the little ones, well, I think I need that clear shower curtain set up in my yard pronto!

Luckier then most, since two of my grandchildren live next door, I can see them when they come out to play, but gosh, it is hard. I have not hugged my daughter (pictured above with me) or son, let alone my grandchildren. Seriously, I am a hugger. Since this has started, I have learned how to use ZOOM and do virtual hugs, but they do not take the place of a warm squishy loving hug. Then there are our friends. I miss the lunches and, of course, the hugs. Slowly we are all starting to go places, wearing masks and gloves to the grocery store. The problem is I don’t know who is behind the masks.

Stay healthy, my friends, enjoy your summer gardens, and pray that soon those hugs will be back.

Stephanie Fleming: Beyond Behnke’s

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